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I am skeptical regarding with my out of the box Canon 5D delivered last week (firmware 1.0.5). The colors seems flat even in fully automatic mode. Anything blue is particularly paler than real. I tried every possible settings with no result.
When I compare on the LCDs the very same scene taken outside with my little Powershot SD550, there's no doubt that this 5D has a problem. Maybe the sensor?
I am using a set of four EF "L" lenses of top quality.
This 5D is my fifth Canon digital camera (the 20D that I just sold was a wonder) and it's the first time I encounter such a problem.
See sample images here:
Any comment will be much appreciated.
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on my laptop i only see much difference on the last picture

But a defect? i dont think so, maybe an error in your picturestyle settings?

Could you post the exif info from the last picture? or else post the original picture.

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Hi Mach260000,

Here is my 2 cents worth. Digital SLR cameras apparently "by default" as supposed to give neutral (not so saturated / sharp) images as say, compared to a point and shoot. The reasoning behind this (as you can read on other parts of this website and forums and many other websites) is that with DSLR's the manufacturers expect the user (photographer) to do post processing of photos in an image editting programme like Photoshop.

Neutral colours are easier to manipulate and get the desired colours, saturation, sharpness, etc AFTER a photo rather than "in camera". And apparently the "higher" quality camera you go (towards pro / top end models) the MORE neutral / "bland" the image tends to look "straight out of camera".

As you said you've already owned a 20D (which uses different settings to a 5D)... maybe this is the 1st thing. As Marc H pointed out, check your "picture style" settings. Maybe you used the 20D on "maximum saturation" and didn't notice. The 50 uses different settings (refer to your owner manual for descriptions).

I own a Canon 350D / XT (DSLR) and "by default" it also produces LESS sharp images and less saturated (less colourful) than my point and shoot Fuji F601. But when I do post editting I can get MUCH more variety and control of colour, sharpness, etc from my DSLR.

Hope this info might be helpful. Sorry if what I wrote seems obvious... or if you already know that. I'm just tryin' to help!

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I did my homework as well as new tests with different Picture Style User's settings.
The results specially in RAW (and Adobe RGB) are much more convincing.
In fact I am more than satisfied with the pictures I got yesterday under a deep blue sky.
Thank you all for your helpful comments.
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