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Are you trying to focus to closely?
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I am reading about this problem everywhere, and though i hate to say it as i own a 20D, they must have a design fault or at the very least bad production standards. I have been a pro photographer for years for a music magazine, working under demanding low light conditions, we are given 3 songs to get our shots often without flash.
I used to work on Nikon F100s and Fuji 400 transparency film. I would use everything from fast pro primes and zooms wide open to cheaper prosumer zoom lenses.I know for a fact that over 95% of my shots were razor sharp, if they weren't i'd never work again. I have not changed, only my system has from Nikon film to Canon digital which i did as often the speed of digital was being demanded by my clients and canons digital high iso noise was far better than nikons at that time. Dont get me wrong, i love digital and want to embrace it, but there are problems.
Over the past past few years I've shot on Canon 1Vs , and still own an Eos 3, 24-70L, 70-200L IS, 50f1.4, 20F2.8. I have often hired Eos 1D's mk 1&2, and have found their focusing systems to be very good. The 1D mk2 with a 70 - 200 wide open is exceptional! but its not the same across the board. I bought a 20D to play with last year, as i will wait until a 12mp 1D mk3 arrives, on paper it looks a bargain. In reality its erratic and unreliable, i am on my third one, the first 1 was fine at first then after 6000 shots just stopped focussing altogether, the second hunted continually and my current 1 has just started to miss focus at 12ft away!.
I dont even want to go into discussions of accepted digital image quality, camera handling techniques etc. I know what to expect with digital and its differencies to film. When i use an Eos 3 or 1D with my lenses, they are sharp, when i use them on my 20D they are not.
To prove the point i got a few of my friends together, all pro photographers (see www.andrewkendall.com). We tried each others lenses on a 1D mk2 , 20D, 300D and D60 to see the difference. The most startling result was with the 20D and 24-70L. We tried 3 separate copies of the 24-70L' at 24mm end f2.8 on single shot/ central sensor/ iso 400/ 12ft away in bright conditions and with 580ex flash. To rule out operator error we each took it in turn with each others lenses on our cameras. The 20D was the worst by far, focusing some 16 inches behind our subjects face, the 300D was a little better but not much, and the 1Dmk2 was very good but not perfect. The D60 was perfect, stunningly sharp. WHY? Because the photographer had adjusted his bodies AF with the Canon service software available some time back. If anyone can suggest where i can get hold of this software for a 20D or 1D's please let me know. I was amazed! I know i can take my camera to Canons CPS Pro? service. However their service takes over 2 weeks and they do not loan out any equipment to cover me. Why these cameras are not checked, or calibrated, before they're shipped must be due to economics of time delays and delivery to a competitive and fast moving market. And as my experience suggests they are sometimes supplied with faults or drift out of focus to an unusable degree Why isnt this calibration software available to the end user? If you or anyone reading this can help! Meantime maybe we should compile a list of unsatisfied customers, canon will not admit a fault but might accidentally leak a software solution?
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Perhaps youhave a point.

I started this thread and would like to think it is not the camera. Probably because I like you do not want to send my camera back to Canon for > 2 weeks.

I have a 300 4L lens now and although I did say in a previous reply that it is working better, I still am having problems.

The other day it would not try to auto focus on gravel at about 15 yards away in the daylight. I just can't think this is what I should expect from a 20d.

I haven't checked out back or front focus yet, I have a sheet to do it, but haven't got around to it.

Perhaps I will send it back in the fall when I don't use my camera as much.

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My 20D has had the focus straying problem on a Canon 75-300 and also my Sigma 28-300. Cleaned contacts on the camera & lens which sorted the Canon lens... Had to have my Sigma re-chipped. Have not had this problem since. Hope you get yours sorted... :|
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Did you clean your contacs with alcohol or as some suggest a pencil eraser?
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