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mf_blues Feb 2, 2005 4:00 PM

After my previous post about overriding the 300Ds Shutter speed for flash I purchased a Jessops Hot Shoe PC Cable adapter. I then checked the trigger voltage on the Bowens Flash units and both returned 15volts. I know this is above the recommended voltage for Canon EOS cameras but I bit the bullet and tried them out and I'm glad to say all was fine. My camera still works and I got some decent first time studio shots.

I took the chance because another manufacturer of studio flashes stated their units ran at 12volts and have never had a EOS camera go pop.

I know long term using these units may cause problems and as such I will probably invest in one of those safe sync hot shoes. I certainly would not have tried this had the voltage been any higher.

For your information then I recorded the following.

Bowens Esprit 500 & 1000 trigger at 15Volts.

Courtney Solaflash 1000s & 2500s trigger at -15 Volts (note the negative polarity) no good I believe for Canon EOS Cameras.

Powerflash AM200 trigger at 11Volts. (Very Old Unit but pretty decent)

These are the units in use at the university I am attending.



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