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Default 46MP and 80 MP...whats next



46MP sigma and 80 MP Leaf....whats next.....

I am interested to see the sigma details.....
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the sigma foveon sensor doesn't really work the same. i think the resolution is more like 15.3mpish. but still looks like a promising offer from sigma if they can get their electronics right. the sensors have always been good.
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i heard the foveon sensors had some issues with colour reproduction due to the fact that all frequency of light penetrated the chip yet readings from each layer were taken as a specific rbg value

never tried one but as i said heard you could get odd colour casts to your images seemingly at random

still looks to be a serious upgrade to what they have traditionally offered - not sure if they will be able to break into camera body market with any real success though

as for the way things are going seemt o recall seeing something abotu some insane canon sensor and of course the plans for that super camera that you can change your focus and dof after the fact in raw and have so many mp that you can effectively crop in very tight and still have good quality picture (personally thing that thing if ever actually released will kill photography as you can simply change anything and everything on the computer so anyone will get good shots)
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As far as I can see the equivalent resolution of the foveon sensors is definitely more than 1x a bayer sensor, but definitely not 3x as sigma claim.

Probably more like 2x as a more reasonable estimate, but it defnitely depends on the subject matter. Sometimes Bayer interpolation gets very close to 100% accuracy, but sometimes it can be a lot lower.

Also the foveons certainly can give colour aberrations.

But even so - a 15Mp foveon sensor! That looks very cool. 6Mp just wasn't enough for most people, but 15Mp almost certainly will be for most purposes.
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