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Default 7D

Hi guys I'm getting a new camera soon and I've been looking at the 7D is it any good.

p.s. i have the 400D now
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The 7D is the top of the line aps-c camera on the market, only the nikon d300s is close to what the 7D can do. So unless you go to FF or aps-h, you really can not get any better camera.
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Hi Neil

I moved up from the Canon 350D (my first DSLR) to the 7D about 18 months ago.

The 7D is certainly a fantastic camera. No doubt that it currently is the top APS-C Camera on the market - though there are a lot of great cameras out there.

What or how 'good' it is, depends mostly on the photographer behind it.

Each person has an own shooting style and usually focusses on one or a few particular photographic genres. So what differences you'll benefit from your 400D to the 7D will be determined by that.

For me plese see the list below for my personal greatest noticeable differences. They are listed approximated in order of importance (most important to me first, least important last):
- much improved AF
* better accuracy
* better focus acquisition speed
* 19 AF points (rather than 7)
* ability to use ANY AF point with confidence (350D only central one was 'good' - outside ones very 'weak')
- more consistent and more flexible metering
- 18MP vs 8MP means more ability to crop
- 3 x custom settings on main dial is so convenient!
- bigger, brighter, clearer viewfinder
- bigger, brighter, higher res display
- live view (particularly helpful for macro or fine focus
- ergonomics
* better placed buttons (& more of them)
* less cramped hand grip (though I lived with the 350D ok)
* rear wheel & joystick make using it easier
- ability to use higher ISOs (beyond ISO1600)
- My Menu and Q button convenience to change common settings
- ability to adjust fine focus on lenses (it has helped a few of my lenses get from 'close' to 'spot on'
- better battery life (I have 3x batteries for my 350D and get many more shots with teh 2x batteries for my 7D)
- higher burst rate and better buffer for 'quick action / sports'
- some additional custom functions in menus
- movie mode (I use this only very occasionally, but it's handy there as a 'back up / feature')

Having written the above, great photos can be taken with almost any DSLR, including your 400D (or my 350D). Indeed there are many photos taken with point and shoot cameras that are superior to what other people take with DSLRs! But at the end of the day, the power and flexibility of a DSLR, particularly a very good one like the 7D is great to have 'on tap'.

Also, remember having suitable lenses is very important to the outcome in challenging situations. A 7D with a 'kit lens' often won't realise the full potential (though you can still take many a great photo!) My two most used lenses on the 7D are the Canon 15-85mm IS USM and the Canon 70-300mm L IS USM.

Please do let us know your decision / outcome - and share any photos. Or if you have any questions, ask away! There are many others who can also help you with answers or a perspective.



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Congratulations! I've followed a similar path going from a T1i to 7D and I am very happy with it.
This said, I am preparing myself to next step: as long as possible, I am investing in FF lenses.

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Paul has given some great advice. The 7d has some great feature upgrades over your current camera. How much those features benefit you will depend upon what types of photography you're doing and what lenses, flashes, etc. you're using. In many cases, the lens is more important than the body. It just depends.
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I just bought a 7D body. Coming from a 350D/XT, the 7D is a much beefier camera and weighs almost twice as much. For me the desired feature is the bigger brighter 1.x viewfinder--eyes aren't as good as when they were younger. It is a much faster camera and easier to change settings on the fly than my 350D. It has a bigger buffer, I can shoot more of my kids sport action before it has write to card. Focus system is much better.

One thing to note is there is no preset sport, portrait, night, closeup, landscape, etc. auto mode on the dial. I use them once a while on my 350D for convience. Now I would have to know what I'm doing and set up my own on the C1, C2, C3. There is much more to learn to use the 7D than the 350D.
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Thanks guys you have been really helpful
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