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Default Advice pls on Canon 10D etc...

Hi everyone from the UK - I 'm a newbie to the group and am after some advice as you seem the people to ask...I've decided on buying a Canon Eos 10D and am looking around for the best deal...I've seen a deal from the US (UK 1,4499 equivalent US $2,713.57) offering these additional features to the standard Eos body kit plus shipping (75) etc-

# Canon 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 USM Lens
# Canon 75-300 f/4-5.6 Lens
# Canon BG-ED3 Battery Pack/Vertical Grip
# Sandisk Extreme 1 GB Compact Flash card
# Sandisk USB II Compact Flash card reader
# BP-511 equivalent lithium-ion battery
# LowePro All-weather professional carrying case
# Mack 3 year International warranty
# European plug adaptor
# $200 USD rebate program*

I think the deal is good for the money and cheaper than in the UK would be but need some advice on the lenses as I've been told that not all canon lenses will work fully in AF / aperture priority etc on digital SLR unless they were made for dSLR...so firstly I need to know what lenses are fully compatible i.e are all Canon EF lenses fully compatible with dSLR or just the one's made for digital? and even if they won't work in AF can aperture priority, shutter priority etc be used in manual mode?

Secondly what's the real difference with USM is it just that they are better for AF and quieter?

Mostly what do u think of the deal bearing in mind that in the UK things are more expensive and most important is : - are these lenses any good as this is what's making me hesitate on going for it...

Does anyone know if everything is standard spec for the body only kit regardless of buying in US or UK ?

I hope that's not too much too ask?

Also feel free to give advice on lenses etc...(bearing in mind I've got a modest budget)

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You left out the most important piece of info. We CAN NOT GIVE ADVICE unless you tell us what type of photography you will do. Indoors? Outdoors? Sports? Still life? Nature? Portrates? The list goes on. Without this, we have no idea what lenses are good for you, if the battery grip is worth it... all that.

First off, all canon EF lenses will work in aperture priority and the other modes. The only question is if AF will work. This requires f5.6 or faster. As far as I know Canon only makes f5.6 or larger aperture... well, except for the special order 800mm f8 that they make (and I didn't see that on the canoneos.com web site, so maybe they don't any more?)

Canon only makes 1 lens for digital SLRs. That is the kit lens that comes with the 300D. As far as I know, you can't buy it separately.

Most (all? many?) USM lenses also have full-time manual override of the AF. This lets the camera say "the picture/subject is in focus" and then you can change it slightly without having to switch to manual mode. This is handy when the AF locks on the wrong thing and you don't want to have to recompose, or when you want more control over the placement of the DOF.

But USM is also faster and quieter, which are good things.

I wouldn't get the 75-300, from what I've read in reviews. Someone here has it and likes it. I've read that optically it isn't very good. I don't know who is right, as I own a better lens (100-400L.)

I know nothing abou tthe 28-105.

You need to give more info on that LowePro bag. They make good bags (I own two) but without knowing what model that is we can't say if its good for you and that equipment.

That CF card is expensive, but good. USB2 readers are nice, know nothing about that one, but sandisk isn't a inherently a bad brand.

Nothing there is standard spec for the body (i.e. they are not padding the list of item to make it look better.)

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Default Re: Advice pls on Canon 10D etc...

If prices are about the same as here in holland, it looks like a good deal. The lenses aren't top notch, but for starters there good enough to begin with. Better lenses with the same range will cost a whole lot more than this.

The battery grip is a nice addition, but it takes both batteries, so you probably want a third battery for backup purposes.
The thing is, the camera operates very long on one battery(+/- 600 photos) , and about twice as long with both batteries using the grip. So you don't charge them that often, and one day you forget to charge them, and after an hour shooting both batteries are flat.

With the grip th body does get a bit heavier.

Lowepro make nice cases, i own 2, a small nova 1 for my old digicam, and a mini trekker AW backpack for all my DSLR gear and im looking for a shoulderbag, wich can hold body, 2-3 smaller lenses and my metz flash.

A 1 GB flash card + a reader are great to start with. and a sandisk extreme is a good card.

what i would look into is that 3 year warranty. Canon Europe doesn't repair US cameras under warranty. So if theres a problem, do you have to send your camera back to the US for repairs?

For the rest i agree with eric, some more info would be usefull

if youre planning to take low light shots look for a nice external flash, and youre all set.
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About the 75-300 - - Canon makes a few different 75-300 lenses. Which one is it? the III or the IS or the IIIUSM?
The Sandisk Extreme is the fastest CF card out there right now. Nice card! The USB2 reader will allow that card to download to your computer quickly. Overall, that package deal is probably what I would get if I were buying a 10d now. (and I might)
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Old Feb 26, 2004, 6:27 AM   #5
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Thanks guys...I'm an artist and primarily want to use the camera for studio work with my studio lights portraits etc as a starting point for manipulation and more work...but also want to be able to use it for all uses, outdoor etc and want to cover most of the range for the lenses ie wide angle (I know that the lens in the kit is not that wide becuse of the x1.6 focal length conversion but would be more of a standard length lens) to telephoto to cover most eventualities...mostly I want a couple of lenses and a kit to get me started...this seems a good price as prices in the UK are alot higher and would cost considerately more.

I've asked for some more details on the lenses and the LowePro bag but I expect they are the most basic models as they're in a kit...also does anyone have any experience of buying from the US/CAN from the UK or Europe with Mack Extended International warranties as this concerns me...

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This sounds like a medical procedure - HA!

Try B&H for your purchases - great prices, service.....

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I realize that you were trying to be cute. I thought you should know that it isn't funny.

I have dyslexia in every form known to man. I spend a lot of time writing my posts, and often (but clearly not that time) put them through spell checkers to make sure it comes out right. It slows my writing and reading, it shrinks my vocabulary, and it effects my self-image (because of the dump mistakes I make.)

Pointing them out as the butt of a joke is not appreciated. This place is normally above that, thanks for reminding me that all kinds post here.

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