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Unless you are shooting 24 x 30 posters or are cropping what you shoot you are not going to need the 5d. Get the 30d and with the money you save buy yourself some L glass. It's going to make all the difference in picking up detail that's missing from your pictures now. Plus the 5 frames per second is going to allow you to fire off a series of shots as your models move - you won't be able to do that with a 5d. The 5d requires top grade glass or you'll get fudged pics. Three grand for the camera (USA and from reputable dealer) plus L glass is going to set you back several thousand dollars. The 30 d has the same image processor, same picture parameters, but just short a few pixels. Having 10 + pixels is overhyped - there are plenty of articles on the web addressing this, so I won't go into it. But as one poster pointed out they are printing bigger prints from their 20d than you plan on printing. The 30d is enough camera for you.
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The 5D would be a better camera for your use, it just depends on whether you want to spend the money. With the $300 rebate the 5D can be bought for $2500 from a reputable dealer after rebate. Check out what Michael Reichmann has to say about the 5D.
"The 5D's image quality(other than absolute file size) is a noticeable step up from that of the 1Ds MKII. Images are cleaner and have lower noise at all ISOs.


Also check out Sean Reid's review of the 5D.

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In your case the 5d would be my choice, but not because of the few extra pixels going from 8mp to 12mp is only about a 15% increase in actual linear resolution.

The 5d's sensor performs better in getting detail in highlights and shadows. It is also has better color fidility.

If all you are shooting is portraits having the armour and speed of the 1d's is not so important.

I'd say 5d first followed by good lenses, (the ef-s won't mount to the 5d).
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I too say 5D. You don't need what the 1 series offers for your work. It would be build-quality overkill, and your ability to make somewhat larger prints with the 5D should clinch it.� I have made sharp and subtle prints rich with color to 20x30 shooting RAW with my 20D and using Photoshop CS to interpolate (add pixels.) And I can and will go larger with fine quality as soon as I get an order for a larger print. The 5D will make large prints even easier.And then, one sweet mid-range L zoom or prime for portraiture after you get the 5D and you are set, especially if you can open the lens really wide for shallow depth of field. Which lens? Well, that's a whole other thread, isn't it?
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