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Tough choice.
Is the 75-300IS really THAT bad? Is the 70-200L f4 really THAT much better?
Here's my conundrum...
I will be using the lens on a 300D, a comparatively light cam. The lens is for a lengthy globtrotting trip and will call my backpack home (=lighter is better). My big worry--I will NEVER be using a tripod or monopod. The lens is primarily for wildlife. I have never been able to shoot close up on a trip like this before and cannot decide if the extra 100mm would make or break the photo ops. That said, do you think the 70-200, hand held, fully zoomed would still produce consistenly better images than the 75-300IS? Thoughs on adding the 1.4x to it, or am I already in "shakey disaster" territory going hand held? Also, is the the 75-300 focus as painfully slow at 300mm as we are led to believe. I am an amature--think I'd be able to really tell the difference in speed?

I would like to stick to one of these lenses to take advantage of Canon's revate program (the bane of my existence). Today I pull the trigger on one of these 2 lenses. I highly value your opinions. What do you all think I should do?

Thanks much.
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It depends upon what you will find acceptable.

Just remember that the L lenses are phenomenal in quality and results...but they are expensive, heavy, and bulky.

Also note that with your 1.6x cropping factor, that 300mm high range will turn 480mm. At that range, you will definitely need a tripod/mono-pod to reduce handshake, image stabilization notwithstanding. There are ways around this...such as camera holding techniques, bean bag camera support hung on a belt (a dispensable tool for certain situations), etc.

As for image quality...yes, the L is much better. However with that stated...are you planing on looking at your photos through a magnifier? Are you planning on enlarging your photos etc? For every day use, Canon consumer lenses aren't all that bad.

I have the 100-300 Canon lens, and enjoy it tremendously. For my needs, it does wonderful duty.

So the choice is yours.

What is more important to you?
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