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Default camera and lenses

I am moving from 30 years of 35mm film (hobby) to digital and quickly moving past point and shoot. I am considering the Digital Rebel but without their included lens. I would like something faster and I know it is more expensive. My question: if I'm going to spend $900 on a camera body and $1000+ on a lens should I just move up to the Canon 10D or Nikon D100? Is the Rebel body worth saving $500-600? I have always considered the lens more crucial than the body with film but this might be different with digital.
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Here's a link to a site that compares the 300D and 10D.


A few less technical observations on the 300D: it has no jogg dial (very handy)... the camera settings are not on the top panel (I'm used to them being on top)... and... well... the 300D isn't black...

If you can afford the extra money for the 10D, and you don't plan to buy the 300D lens kit, you might want to go for the 10D. Other than the extra monry, you'll never regrat buying the 10D over the 300D.

Hope that helps...

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My thinking in buying the Rebel vs. 10D was to use the difference and buy more glass than I could otherwise afford with a 10D. Now I have a huge 70-210 f2.8 on the front of my rebel.

The 18-55 is not as fast a lens as some others but it is easy on the pocket book. I don't take a lot of photos at the wide end of things so I couldn't justify buying a lens like the sigma 17-40.

If you're getting into a new system - from you're post you don't mention having any other Canon lenses - you'll want to save money for more memory, a flash, a few lenses etc... something to think about.

As far as the body of the rebel goes - I don't find it particularly weak. While a black body is what 'pros' use, a silver body doesn't look 'professional' which is nice for candid shots in crowds. A smaller body is also a plus for carrying it around - I carry my camera to work half the time for spur of the moment shots. A larger camera wouldn't be as portable.

Either way all three camera's you mention are very nice, you'll be happy with any of them.
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