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rxxxone Mar 6, 2007 6:27 PM

I have the canon 1ds mark 2, and i just ordered the mark 3, i shoot indoor hockey and out door horse shows as a hobbie ( family ). 1) do you think i will see a noticable difference in the 17mp to 10mp . having said the mark 3 has the new prosser. any thoughts. am i crazy??????

JohnG Mar 7, 2007 8:34 AM

Well, you've got at least a month to wait until the mark III actually ships - if it ships on time. Until it does and it is field tested it is impossible to predict how it will perform vs your 1ds.

But just sticking to your question about the 10mp - most pro sports shooters are using the mk II-N an 8mp camera and 8mp doesn't seem to be hurting them any. Given the nature of sports photography - which forces you to fill the frame in-camera to get the sharpness - rather than try to crop heavily, I can't see how you'd notice a difference below 11x14 print size.

rxxxone Mar 7, 2007 11:58 AM

Great point, thank you

eric s Mar 7, 2007 3:09 PM

One of the best nature photographers in the world (Arthur Morris) shoots with both the 1Ds MkII and the 1D MkII N. In a past newsletter of his basically said that he uses the "N" when faster focus tracking matters. When it doesn't, he gets more data in the 1Ds MkII (even when cropped to be similar to the "N"'s field of view) than in the N.

He has since stated that he is switching to the 1D MkIII (ordering two bodies.) He didn't explicitly state that he was no longer using the 1Ds MkII, but that was the implication.

Will you miss the resolution? That completely depends on how you use the pictures. do yo usell prints? Are they big? Really big? (I make really good 12x15" prints with my "N" - full frame, that is.) Do you crop a lot? If you don't make big prints or crop a lot then the MkIII's AF and more bit depth per pixel should do wonders for your pictures.


rxxxone Mar 7, 2007 4:09 PM

Thank you Eric. Is there a link where i can read about that?

eric s Mar 8, 2007 11:40 AM

You can find all of Arthur's back news letters (All except the most recent, which you have to sign up for and get as an email) here:

He is an amazing photographer if you like his style. Personally, I like his style to a point. Technically they are very well done but can often be bland. At other times, though, they are stunning. He includes example pictures in the bulletin so you can decide for yourself.

The MkIII should be an amazing camera. I expect that I'll buy one a few months after it comes out.


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