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Has anyone noticed or experienced a focusing issue with the 50D? A friend has one and is experiencing focus issues. Seems like he gets a lot of pics that are out of focus. Not softness in the pictures but just pics that are not in focus even though the lens locks focus and allows the camera to shoot. Just curious if anyone has experienced the same issue.
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Chances are, it's just user error.

For example, using shutter speeds that are too slow (resulting in blur from subject movement or camera shake) is often mistaken for a focus issue.

Or, your friend may not be focusing on the intended subject. Just because a camera locks focus, doesn't mean that it's focused on what you want to shoot. ;-) The camera may be focusing on something closer or further away instead unless you're selecting focus points and make sure you lock focus on your intended subject.

Depth of Field limitations will also come into the equation when you want more of a given photo to be in focus, especially if there is a significant distance between the closest and furthest points you want to appear sharp. Your friend will want a better understanding of Depth of Field, and how focus distance, focal length and aperture come into the equation for best results in more conditions with a dSLR.

Does your friend have any prior experience shooting with a similar dSLR?

Now, there are camera and lens issues from time to time. But, more often than not when I see complaints about out of focus images from a new camera owner, it's because they don't yet fully understand how it's supposed to work.

I'd suggest that your friend post some sample images here to get to the bottom of why the images appear to be out of focus. That way, members can look at the images (and camera settings used) to help figure out what's going wrong.

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Thanks, I looked at some of his pics. It seems like the camera locked on a different part of the picture area because an area of his pic was sharper than the desired area. It may be that his shallow Field of depth contributed to out of focus pictures.

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