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Mdpete Oct 16, 2004 11:29 PM

Is the canon digital rebel too much camera for taking pictures for online auctions?

I currently use an earlySony mavica 73 with Arcsoft software. The 640x480 pics are cropped and "resolution" reduced with the Arcsoft software to file sizes between 25 and 50k and, included with my online auctions. I've taken more than 5,000 pics in my product studio and have very good success with the results.

I would like to experiment with external flash systems, take advantage of newer memory card benefits (vice the Mavicas 3 1/2 disk system) and expand my photographic experiance beyond taking pictures for ebay auctions.

I have Photoshop, intermediate computer skills and the resources to outfit the Digital Rebel.

My concern is that the lowest "resolution" on the relatively powerfull Rebel will create large unmanageable file sizes for internet auctions, or there may be too many steps to reduce the file sizes to 25- 50k and get good pics, if possible at all. I can crop and process a Mavica pic for an online auction with Arcsoft in about 1 1/2 minutes. The Digital Rebel will be a business camera first and a personal camera second.

Please advise. Thank you, Pete

Greg Chappell Oct 16, 2004 11:44 PM

The process to downsize the files, and yes the original files would be too big- even the low quality JPEG's, would be simply to shoot JPEG, download the file, then open it up and go to "Image", "Image Size" and then "Resize", and change the file size as needed- a very short process in terms of time.

There are digital point & shoots with hot shoes, so SLR's are not necessary, but the SLR's are more versatile in being able to use more types of lenses and they utilize all the functions designed into the flash units, like AF assist lights. I know of no point & shoot digicams with hot shoes that can utilize the AF assist lights built into the flash units.

Mdpete Oct 17, 2004 10:32 AM

Thanks Steve,

Is it quick to download the pics from the camera before editing? I believe my printer and laptop both have slots to upload the files from a smartcard disk. Does a USB conector conect directly to the camera and is it faster or as fast as uploading from a disk on the laptop or printer?


Greg Chappell Oct 18, 2004 12:05 AM

You CAN download by connecting the camera directly to the laptop or desktop computer, but it is faster using a USB 2.0 connection and only now are some consumer digital cameras offering USB 2.0. My Digital Rebel and 10D cameras have USB 1.1, so it is very slow to download from the camera. I plug a USB 2.0 card reader into my computer and plug the card from my camera into that. It is MUCH faster, plus I don't have to use the camera & run the batteries down doing that process.

photosbyvito Oct 18, 2004 12:51 AM

well, it depends, lol, if you can afford it, and are interested in pursuing other areas of photography, the rebel will give you great flexibility

but, if it's *just* for the auction shots, you could save yourself alot of money with getting a smaller consumer camera, and still get high quality shots..

and about the flash...

my canon G2 (old, prosumer lol) has a hotshoe, but, in nearly all my still life shooting, i don't find myself using the 220ex i bought...

i've actually found i can control the lighting better using long exposures with a flashlight, or a small a pitch black room (or a room without a lot of light pouring in)

of course if you get one of those flash cords to remove the flash from the camera, so you can shoot it from the side, the flash would(could?) be more effective...

well...hope this helps....


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