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Default Canon Elan 7E SLR (film ) camera

hello canon-eers
I am in a dilemma. My Rebel XSi is in the shop. My backup is an S2 (p&s) and a SLR Elan 7E, which is a fabulous camera that i have several times with very results. I accidentally put the batteries in the with the wrong +/- orientation.
Now my camera panel does not light up no is there any indication of it coming on at all. Could i have blown something? is this an easy inexpensive fix? is this camera worth saving? moreover my S2 which i have used rarely seems to a have sticky zoom lever and because of that it does not focus all the time. to over come this i slide the lever back and forth before i turn it on. I would appreciate some advice on my Elan 7E. prsently i will have to use a Minolta Maxxum 800 SLR only camera. Oh wow what a time to have all these probs. I do not want to invest money in other cameras as i am saving my money for a Canon 70-200mm L lens.
Thanks in advance.
Enjoy summer.
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Check the battery door hinge. The Elan's have a history of over sized battery compartments. Put in a new set of 123 batteries and push in on the battery door. If the camera powers up you may need to replace the battery door or shim it with a piece of aluminum foil.
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thanks for your response......i looked around and found some batteries stashed away and tried them and the camera turned back on.........it just seemed strange that it happened right after in incorrectly inserted the batteries.....luck i got 2 on sale a couple of years ago .....they were still wrapped......thanks........enjoy summer
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