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I guess you should probably be aware that in P mode you can actually adjust the shutter speed or aperture while the camera adjusts its counterpart to correct for exposure. I think that you will see an asterisk on the LCD to indicate that you have made an adjustment in P mode (Program shift?). The only caveat with this is that you can't do this when using flash. At least thats how it is in the 20D and assuming they have carried this forward in the 5D.

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Whilst I applaud the sentiment of "learning by doing" and documenting your progress in the form of a "manual" I hope that at some point at least you might consider actually reading the manual that Canon provides.

There are a great many features that I believe you will find very difficult to fully grasp purely by trial and error experimentation, unless you are taking photographs under very controlled conditions. Reading the Canon manual will certainly be a great deal faster than writing your own, and honestly unless you have a background in technical writing and a great deal of time to devote to the project, the Canon manual is going to be a lot more useful.

It would also seem that you might benefit from instruction. There is likely to be a part-time photography course in your area that will help with the basics of how a camera works. I mean no disrespect, but from your original post it seems likely that you might benefit from such a course. Photography courses and books are not just for beginners either; I plan on going on a course soon myself, they can be a great source of fun and inspiration as well as instruction.

Of course you are perfectly free to write a manual if you want to, but I wonder whether it might not be more fun to read the Canon manual and then spend the time you save taking photographs with your fabulous new camera.

Whatever route you take, good luck with your journey and please post some pictures in the "Post your photographs" section.

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