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Default Canon/tamron best $1000 solution????

After reading all the great specs of the Sony DCS 828 only to be let down by the so so actual performance, Iím now back to evaluating the Canon Digital Rebel option as my best $1,000 max) digital camera solution.
Seeing that I have Tamron 28 to 200mm lens. From my previous 35mm rebel, I wonder if this is enough to tip the scales in Canons favor once and for all. I do not expect the lens to compete with the digital versions offered by canon, but if anyone has thought as to how this lens would do overall (as a compliment to the one that comes bundled) when compared to the Sony Solution, or Fiji 7000, or even that of the upcoming Nikon D70 with base lens, Iíd love to hear those comments.

Thanks, this has been a great place to get good information.

sonyDCS V! canon i9100
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Probably you have to be more precise in describbing the Tamron lens you have before anybody can says how it performs in comparisson to..
Or take a look at http://www.photodo.com/prod/lens/canon.shtml#Canon lens database
http://www.fredmiranda.com/reviews/index.php?cat=1 lens reviews
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I'm actually in a similar situation, because I already have a Tamron 28-200 XR for Canon. I am planning to eventually get a Digital Rebel, and I think I will still get the lens included in the kit, because that 28-200 lens turns into 45-320mm (effective) on the Digital Rebel. Unless you can get by without any wide angle, 45mm won't cut it. I know I couldn't get by with anything less wide than the 38mm equivalent on my current camera (and even that isn't good enough all the time). It's only 100 more for the kit that includes the 18-55mm EF-S lens that will give you that 28mm equivalent.
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Old Jan 25, 2004, 5:10 AM   #4
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Yeah grab the kit lense and use the Tamron. I love my results with the 18-55mm kit lens. Plenty wide enough. I have had a 28 to 200 Tamron on my 35mm nikon and whilst not as fast or as sharp as Nikor lenses it gave me great reach when I was on a really tight budget. Wish I could use it on the Rebel.

It would be even better value on a rebel as the 1.6 multiplier means a bigger lense for no expense,you have a good wide lense in the 18-55 kit lense.

Hey if you can afford the 55-200 USM2 then why not or if you can splash out for superior quality an L series, but seeing that you are asking I reckon the Tamron will find its place on your new Rebel when you see that you don't want that SonyF828(shesh the noise and purple fringing). I will get the 55-200 USM2 only because I have the extra cash and its a canon with the special coating for digital cams(yeah I know I'm a sucker for marketing!)

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Old Jan 26, 2004, 5:32 AM   #5
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Default Sounds to me that the tamaron might make a good compliment.

Sounds to me that the tamaron might make a good compliment to the Rebel and itís optional short zoom lens. I suppose if I upgrade the lens later on, I can get even better images.
I think Iíll research this some more, while I wait to see whatís announced for the upcoming PMA show. Anyone care to speculate what might come out that may effect my decision. (i.e. best digicam or SLR at $1000 or below with ability to make great images on my canon i9100 13 x 19 printer)
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Old Jan 30, 2004, 8:02 PM   #6
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My main walk-around lens for my 300D is the Tamron 24-135mm SP. I selected this lens over the 28-200mm because the extra extension on the wide end. With the 1.6x factor, the 35mm-equivalent focal length range for this lens is 38-216mm. Not as wide as the Sony 828, but exceeding the Sony at the telephoto end. A lens starting at 28mm has an EFL of 45mm on the 300D, hardly wide angle at all.

In addition, this particular Tamron zoom is in their SP or Super Performance category and scored very well in online review and on the subjective quality factor tests in Popular Photography. I find it to be well built, quick to focus, and very sharp with good contrast.

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Wide angle

I just shot a nice scene with my 18-55mm and the WC DC58N 0.7 wide angel add-on for the G5. It screws in nicely and seems to AF fine.

Have a look: http://www.brrd.ab.ca/nnorway/carrweb/art_pix.htm

It's the "Cool Class" shot
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