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I'm a newbie, I use the auto mode and have noticed that in bright scenes my flash pops up...I've also noticed that most pics are to dark. They look fine thru the LCD.Any Help?
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Well, the LCD could be too bright. I know I had to tone down the lcd brightness on my camera to more closely match the results when displayed on my computer.

I can't help you about why the flash pops up. Maybe if you said what camera you used it might help.

Also, while things might look great to your eyes, the camera can't see as well as you do in the same amount to light... the camera needs more. That might have something to do with it.

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I'm sorry..I'm using the Ditial Rebel..
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In full auto mode the flash may well pop up at any shutter speed below 1/60, check your shutter speed when it pops up. Full auto tends to give a mid range aperture which may be causing slow shutter speeds.

The Rebel also underexposes most of the time, use P mode and give it about +2/3 exposure compensation. You will need to adjust this for certain situations but 2/3 is generally quite good.

If you find the flash is causing dark pics in full auto then download the free FECset program by RCX off the net, then use P mode and you can raise the FEC up to as much as + 2. I find plus two very good for group shots or longer fill in flash. But if you're too close it'll wash out the subject. You'll need to experiment with it.



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