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I just recently bought an XTi. It exposed all shots properly, but it back-focused horribly. Couldn't get one picture in focus. Exchanged it, now I have a perfectly working XTi. Sad to see that Canon's quality control out of the factory is lacking a bit...
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It is sad to see the Canon 400D/XTi with such hit and miss performance. Perhaps Canon will overcome the XTi problems with its "follow-on" to the XTi, rummored to be released at PMA this month.

Sarah Joyce
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Old Jan 13, 2008, 2:53 AM   #13
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This just reinforces my belief that I would rather pay more at a local store than save what amounts to chump change. No matter what the problem, I have had free and easy exchange policies with all local merchants. On the down side, I've only needed it once, with an S-60 that had a dead pixel in the LCD.
My XTi has impressed me in every way. IQ is slightly superior to my 20D across the board, with all lenses and at all ISO's. I have very large and powerful "man hands", but the XTi inspires articulate handling. -An amazing instrument.
If you have a bad one, take it back, and ask the retailer to trace the lot number. Canon wants to know. The XTi is capable of world class images, with sensor resolution that equals the 40D. If yours isn't that good, Canon will make good.
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I'm new to the XTi and dSLR's. I think my camera has the problem of underexposing indoor shots. I've noticed from the beginning my histogram is lacking on the right, heavy towards the left. Today I took a bunch of pictures and still see this. How can I be sure??? I bought it at Costco so I guess I could take it back or send to Canon, but wanted to look into this more to make sure it is'nt me..???


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Welcome to the forums.

Why don't you start a new thread including a sample image. That way, we're not continuing to bump this old thread (started back in 2007). ;-)

You'll want to downsize an image for posting here.

To downsize them, you can use something like the free Irfanview

After you open an image using File>Open, go to Image>Resize/Resample. Leave the box checked to retain the original aspect ratio (dimensions of width to height), and make the longest side 640 pixels. That will be fine for checking settings. Then, Save it to a new filename (so you don't overwrite your original) using File>Save As (picking a folder that you want to keep it in).

Leave the jpeg quality at around 80% and leave the boxes checked to retain EXIF (you'll see a box pop up with a jpeg quality slider when you use the Save As choice and select jpeg as the file type).

As long as they're not too large (dimensions or file size), then you can attach a photo using browse button you'll see at the bottom of your entry screen when typing a new post.

Chances are, there's nothing wrong with it. But, you may want to start a new thread and let us take a look at one of the photos you saw issues with. That way, members here can help you figure out what went wrong.

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Old May 13, 2008, 7:34 AM   #16
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My XTi hasn't had a problem with under exposure. It's been a great camera, as a matter of fact. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with your's. I suspect that it might've had that problem that could've been adjusted, but I don't blame you for just taking it back and wanting to get something else.

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