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There any way to install the drivers or software for a Rebel XT so that it doesn't pop up as a Digital Camera and limit me to just getting the JPGs of the camera?

I am more wanting it to show up as a "removable drive" so I can place firmware and move pictures back and forth to the camera.

I don't want to have to buy a card reader if I don't have to.
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Using the software that came with the camera I have mine set up so that as soon as I plug the camera in and turn it on the software makes a new folder in "my pictures" (naming it with the date the picture was taken) and downloads any new pictures (JPG and CR2). Then it opens Zoombrowsershowing all the newly downloaded picturesfor me to review/edit.

I have not tried uploading pictures to the camera but I think I did see a button for this.

If you didn't install all the software on the solution disk you may not see the "canon camera window". If you only installed the drivers I think XP uses it's own "camera software".
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Unfortunately this camera only enumerates under USB as a digital camera
class device, and not as a USB bulk mass storage device (in which case the
camera looks like a generic USB memory stick 'disk drive').

IMHO, this is poor design. Sometimes you just wanna get the images out
without having to have drivers loaded, etc. Canon firmware designers
could have easily allowed this option.

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA USA

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With all the cameras that I review, I never load their software. The best thing you can do regardless of what camera you own - is to buy a card reader, they're cheap and they're always faster than the camera's USB port. Even a good multi-format USB 2.0 card reader is only going to cost about $30-40. And they don't need any drivers, just plug them in and go.
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I agree about camera software. I have learned after a number of cameras that the software that comes with a camera is usually sub-par. My card reader is one I have had for years and is only USB 1.0 - so it's a little slow for the Rebel XT sized files. So I plug my XT into the USB 2.0 port directly and use the "Scanner and Camera Wizard" to move, rename and delete my photos. I've transfered as many as 300 photos that were each 1mb or more in size in less than3 minutes. My card reader cannot touch that time. Yes I could buy a new card reader but why when this works just as well.
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