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ChrisDM wrote:
eric s wrote:
Interesting idea. I hadn't thought of that.
I like it. Why make more work for yourself if the "automatic" one is good enough?

Well, one reason is that you can shoot in color and then decide to convert to sepia later, but you can't shoot in jpg sepia and then decide to see it in color...

Also, if you like Sepia, you should really experiment with Photoshop's duotone mode. The image below was a tritone I believe, using black, red, and yellow:

Chris M
No that's the whole point - shoot RAW + JPG, the JPG comes out in sepia B&W and the RAW image is RAW.

You can do anything you like with it, process in colour or apply any processing you like.

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You can also take a RAW image into Canon's EOSViewerUtility, open the tool window select B&W and then select sepia from the toning pull down. You can also apply color filters to the image when B&W is selected. Might be useful if you want to apply different settings to the image to get a feel for what the processing parameters will result. Regards-
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Sorry, I thought about something else, it seems that the viewer will allow you to reset the processing parameters with the RAW image. Say you set your parameters to sepia and want to get the color image. Open the RAW image in the viewer and deselect the B&W and the unprocessed image is displayed. My understanding is that the viewer initially displays the RAW image with the processing parameters that were set as shot. Regards-
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Aldans wrote:

Hey, sorry for the delay. I just took 2 pictures, one color and one sepia so you can compare. If it doesnt work, check the attachment.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for showcasing.
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