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IMO, it's mostly about money. There are many actual professionals who use a 10D. Perhaps they supplement their income in other ways; perhaps not -- they haven't felt it necessary/economic to get a more expensive camera.There are plenty of actual professionals who might write off the cost of a 10D in a few shoots; among these are the ones who can afford e.g. MF digital backs that cost $30,000. These factors also change as you change countries with different income levels.

Let's think about it: What exactly about a pro camera is undesirable to amateurs / enthusiasts (A/E)?

(1) Size / weight. Professionals want smaller size / portability too, but most, but not all, trade this off for better capability. A/E also make the same trade-off considerations knowingly. Some lug around 300 f/2.8 lenses, some don't. Some use MF, some don't. Most but not allA/E's put more emphasis on portability than pro's.

(2) No dumbed-down modes, though still plenty of automation support. No real loss to most A/E photographersexcept for the point & shooters.

(3) No built-in flash. Fits into category (1) actually -- performance vs portability/convenience. A/E who know the difference will almost always use an external flash; the exceptions being when they're shooting in P&S mode / didn't bring a flash for convenience. A cost/size-saving option for someA/E; a wasted maketing-mandated feature for other A/E.

(4) Cost. A/E don't necessarily want / have a lot of money to sink into equipment. Pro's regard these as tools and costs of doing business. IF a camera produces more competitive results / reliability / workflow, then costs can be traded off against the generated income. Pro's can generally simply bear much greater costs -- when there's commercial value; because they need them more; because the generatedexpenses are tax-deductible.

Canon does use customer segmentation as marketing and design tools, and this makes sense, but is nowhere near definitive as to what suits everypro or A/E. Cost alone is the single biggest factor, and pros and amateurs both fall into every cost-bearing bracket.

The differences in the categories may as well be expense willingness, and these relate to how important these tools are to you, and features are cut when going down in price according to the greatest cost benefit and least need.
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