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Default Exposure accuracy with Digital Rebel.

I bought the Digital Rebel back in September and I do love it. I have been an SLR film shooter for a number of years and have also "dabbled" a bit with more sophisticated digital point & shoots.

In my experience with other digital cameras I found I often had to underexpose by a third stop or two in order to avoid overexposure. But now I am finding the opposite is true with the Digital Rebel. Also, I find that the default (middle) setting for the LCD monitor brightness to be much brighter than the actual exposure. Fortunately I know to check the histogram, but I was wondering if any other Digital Rebel users have had the same experience, or is my metering system off?
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Typically, slide film is often underexposed 1/3-2/3 stops, whereas film has a greater latitude for exposure -- depending of course what film type you are using.

You didn't mention what mode you're shooting your Rebel. I've found it necessary to underexpose 1/3 stop using the creative zones for best overall balance. The evaluative metering of the Rebel tries to average the scene to a neutral tone. Care must be taken to evaluate your scene and adjusting your exposure as needed. You could try using exposure lock on a neutral tone, then recomposing your shot. As great as the evaluative mode of metering is, it still is ultimately up to the photographer to ensure that what "he/she" sees is what the camera also sees. Remember, a reflective meter wants to expose to an 18% gray tone -- regardless of what you're shooting.

Are you referring to the LCD monitor on the camera? That is hardly worthwhile for evaluating exposure and I wouldn't worry about that.
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I have noticed that as well, when you view your shot on the display it looks fine, but when you download it to the computer it is much darker.
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The best way to evaluate exposure is by using the histogram (assuming the Rebel can display one.) There is no "right" histogram, as it differs by the picture. But you rarely want ones that have no detail either in the dard or light areas, and the histogram can show this.

Can the D Rebel change the brightness of the LCD? That might be one way to help... darken it so it comes closer to what the picture really looks like.

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Yes, the monitor brightness can be changed, which I have done. And I do check the histogram often, but this seems like a drain on the battery when yiu must check each shot.

I mostly shoot in either shutter or aperature priority, depending on the subject. I've always gotten good results from my Canon film cameras in evaluative mode, provided the subject wasn't unusually contrasty, but am curious as to why the Digital Rebel seems to produce images that are so much darker than expected when no exposure compensation is added.

I am almost wondering if this is sort of a built in "safety net" in Canon's processing software so you don't blow out your highlights. It is, after all, easier to recover shadow detail than highlight detail. And since this camera is geared mor toward a consumer than a pro market I was wondering if that might be Canon's thinking behind it.
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