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I just bought my DREBEL & 420EX. So far, almost every picture I've taken with the 420ex has come out underexposed ... Is there a better flash that is compatable with the DREBEL ... I'm very dissapointed so far !!! Help me ... I need better exposures with flash ....
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Try bumping up the Flash Exposure Compensation about 1/3 stop and see if that helps, before you start looking for a new flash...
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Well, NHL is the resident flash expert, but I'll throw out some ideas folks have given me and he can correct me when he sees this:G

One annoying thing with the DRebel is that in every mode but M, the camera uses evaluative metering for flash. So, the camera doesn't always make good decisions on how to set the flash metering unless there is a pretty constant light throughout the entire frame. A suggestion is to use Manual if you can (say for a posed group shot) or for the other modes, use the FEL exposure lock * button to force the metering to be the center point - basically place the center focus point over the area you want the metering to be controlled by, press the FEL, recompose and then take the shot. The other thing to note is theAv and Tv modes will meter based on existing light and will use the flash as a fill flash - so if you are shooting in those modes, that may be contributing. So, try shooting in P or M mode and use the FEL - see if that helps.
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Old Dec 3, 2004, 1:49 PM   #4
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Flash metering is very dependent as to where your camera is pointed. Flash metering is tied closely to the active focus point, so as you look through the finderif the focusing box you are using is covered up by a dark/black area or light/white area, you have to do one of two things- either place the focus point over an area of average light and hit the exposure lock (*)button, or dial in flash exposure compensation. The Digital Rebel out of the box does not offer flash exposure compensation when used with the 420EX, so unless you load the Russian hack to enable FEC, you need to do the former, OR buy a 550EX flash unit that has flash exposure compensation built into the flash itself.

This subject comes up quite often. A search through past posts will reveal several discussions of flash exposure compensation, the Russian Hack and the Digital Rebel and flash exposure problems. The camera is far from fool-proof when it comes to flash photography. If you want the best results you will need to do a little work and know what the process is so you can make the necessary adjustments. There is no be-all and end-all sollution.
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chuckie_237 wrote:
Is there a better flash that is compatable with the DREBEL ...
Well there is actually (also the high-end 54MZ Metz): http://www.sigma-photo.com/html/news/500dg_super.htm

It let you do several things that the 420EX won't let you do:
o Exposure compensation (without the hack)
o 2nd curtain sync (without the hack)
o Be put on manual, or sync to studio strobes
o A 'Master' to your slave only mode 420EX
o Almost the power of the 550EX but @ the same price as a 420

... But everyone here is correct, it's the camera metering biais to the AF sensor used which is @ fault, and not the flash! The 420EX just limit your options for overiding this issue with the DRebel that's all
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Old Dec 5, 2004, 2:10 PM   #6
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Unless you download a firmware hack, you can't adust the FEC in the Drebel. The 420EX flash has no FECadjustment feature either ....
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I did the same exact thing, I got the Drebel with the 18-55, 55-200 and a 420EX. For the most part, the 420EX works ok when used in Green Auto mode. But sometimes like in a night club or places where light is not even, it is a nightmare to get to work correctly. I very quickly outgrew this flash, it does not recyle fast enough, does not have FEC, and worst of all no manual settings. If I had not purchased flash with camera I would have got the Sigma instead. However, since I already owned this flash, I got the 580EX which is a MUCH better flash than either the 550 or 420.

I have not had enough time to tell you how the 580 / 420 combo is yet, but I can tell you the 420EX overall is going to give you headaches trying to figure out.

Buy the Sigma 500 DG Super or spring for the 580EX or Metz 54MZ-4.

PS - try increasing you ISO to 400, this is how I sometime get around slow recycle times with 420ex.
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