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Default Focal Length Multiplier x1.6 for DRebel causing telephoto??

Hi everyone. I was just looking for a good wide angle lens when I realized one site say something like a 17-40mm will behav like a 22-50 on most digital cameras. Is this because of the Focal Length Multiplier???

I want a good wide angle lens for my D-Rebel, but I don't need 180degree field of view resulting in a total fisheye. BUt at the same time, I'm thiking if I get a 17-40 or something, it won't really go down to 17 on my camera. So do I divide by 1.6 and figure it that way? Like if I want 17 I really need something like 11mm??? Maybe Sigma's 12-24mm super wide angle zoom??? But I don't want it to be a total fishey at the widest zoom.

What should I do? I'm using Tamron's 28-300mm on my camera now, and I love it, however it's just not adequete for anything wide-angle and I guess it's really not even 28mm right? Something more like 45mm?? (28x1.6)

Thanks for your help!
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You are correct; 28mm is actually 45mm on your Rebel. I don't use wide angle lens much, so can't recommend any, just wanted you to know you're on the right track.
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Default Why Zoom?

Instead of purchasing a Zoom that overlaps your current lens why don't you buy a fast prime? Just food for thought, it really comes down to what you like to shoot. I just bought a 20f1.8 and after using it indoors on christmas I am not at all regretting the cost.
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Old Jan 22, 2004, 2:13 AM   #4
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If you can afford it , the 17_40L lens is superb , if not the 18-55 Kit lens that comes with the Camera is good. Otherwise Sigma make a nice DC lens , 18-50 or so and its about $120.
The 1.6 thing is called a FOV crop and it essentially mulitplys the focal lenght of the lens you are using by 1.6 with respect to a full frame 35mm sensor. It doesnt actually multiply the focal length , but what it does is not use the whole image circle that lens "projects" but just the middle bit. It gets a little more complex , but all you really have to know is that if you times the focal length of the lens by 1.6 thats what would be the equivalent lens for the same image size on a 35mm
So a 17-40 equals a 28-64 on a 35mm, thus its not that wide.
Buy the best glass you can afford and bear in mind that at some time you might go up to a full frame sensored DSLR and then you not so wide zoom/whatever will become WIDE.
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Thanks for your replies everyone. I guess I'll be looking for a Sigma 12-24 or 15-30 then or perhaps a 14mm prime frame as suggested, but I do like to zoom... since I already have 28-300 and just want wide angle. And I don't care if those 2 are TOO WIDE with a different SLR camera, because I'll never be using film no matter what camera I but, only digital.

If anyone else has any suggestions for a super wide angle zoom lens around 12-15 through to 25-40, please let me know.

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