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Default GREAT Firewire Card Reader FOR DREBEL!

Fellow DRebel owners - I just bought a Lexar FireWire card reader from B&H for $49.95 to see if I could improve my sitting around time while downloading RAW files. Wow! What a difference! I just set-up a new Apple G5, but the read and write time was the same as my PC - until I added this card reader. Highly recommended, download time is maybe a tenth the time! Oh Happy Days!

I can't get the product page URL to paste in (??), but go to their home page and search Lexar FireWire and it'll come up.

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I have the same opinion fporch. I bought one for myself and use it on a G5 at work an G4 Cube at home. I'd say its even more than ten times faster than reading from the camera. I really needed a crad reader but wanted high speed and as my Cube doesnt have USB 2 (USB 1 only...!) Firewire was the only option. I am so glad i got this one, its great....!

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Those FW readers rock.....we sell tons of them where I work. The other cool component (for laptop users) is the newer CardBus readers, which run at a full 133 megabytes a second, as opposed to the older PCMCIA slot readers.
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As I recall, that one did well in Rob Galbraiths tests... let me dig up that web page.


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