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Default Help with 10D RAW

I decided to take the plunge today, no more shooting jpeg for me! I took a bunch of pictures, used Canon's utility to convert them to exif-8 bit tiff files, and Photoshop 7.0 to maipulate them. The quality is astounding! The only problem is that the Shutter speed and Aperture dissapear from the exif data!!
Does anyone know if I am missing a setting I can change, or if this is just a REALLY annoying quirk of the software and converting the files?
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Hi Gandalf065,
Is the information there before you open in photoshop (ie. directly from the RAW conversion utility)?

What software are you viewing the metadata with?

I use raw converted to highest quality Jpeg using Capture One DSLR Rebel edition.

manipulate in Photoshop 6 even saving as PSD with layers
reopen PSD and save as JPEG and the metadata is still there including exposure time and f number. I use ACDSee for viewing.

I will try the above experiment with tiff instead of jpeg and post the results later this evening (Hawaii time).

BTW, If you like RAW I highly recommend Capture One. They have a demo good for about 30 days I think. The version you would need for the 10D is about $100 as I recall.

You can see all your changes including white balance, sharpening, etc. instantly while converting files in the background. The sharpening is better than photoshops USM I think. It's a great piece of software. You can also output 8 and 16 bit tiffs too if you like.

David Y
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I've been shooting some RAW latelye with my 10D and I use PhotoShop CS's RAW converter. I believe the EXIF data is still there, let me check.

Yes. I saved it as a 16-bit TIFF in Adobe RGB and then went into the file browser and looked at the file. All the EXIF data looks to be there.

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Using PhaseOne Capture One DSLR Rebel Edition 1.0; viewing with ACDSee 3.1:
If I output to Jpeg it appears that all the Exif data is there.

Output to 8 or 16 bit Tiff I only see the following:
Image description
X resolution
Y resolution
Resolution unit

Doesn't necessarily mean the data isn't there somewhere but ACDSee 3.1 can't see it in the Tiff files.

Update: I viewed the Tiffs with ZoomBrowser and the info is all there in both 8 and 16 bit Tiffs.
Interestingly, Zoom browser can't see much of the data in the Jpegs Hmmm. Apparently it matters alot what software you view the data with.

Also I know that in CaptureOne, there is an option under "preferences/develop settings" whether or not to include exif data. Your software may have a similar setting. One nice thing about RAW is you can archive the raw file (which will always have the exif data) and you can always make another tiff or jpeg with a different WB or other setting as good as new.

David Y
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There seems to be some problems losing some EXIF data depending on which software you are using for conversion. From what I'm reading on other threads related to this topic there are several factors involved. The major problem of course is Canon's inane desire to keep its code secret from 3rd party software vendors. Capture One does a fairly good job of collecting most of the EXIF data, but Photoshop struggles. Interestingly enough, it's not consistant across the board. The data is there in the RAW shot; extracting it is another issue altogether apparently
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I've experianced this as well, but found the EXIF data was retained in THM file that accompanies the full RAW file.
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