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Default Help deciding which camera to upgrade to???

Hi there. I am a new member. I currently own and love the Canon Power Shot S5IS. I love the point and shoot aspect of the camera but would like to upgrade to a camera with better optical zoom (my current Canon only has 12x) and one that has more frames per second.

Everyone seems to be going to route of the DSLR so I was looking at the Canon T3 or T2i. I love taking pictures of my kids and backyard birds. I like the idea of the DSLR but do not want a camera that I am going to be intimidated by.

My question is do I stick with the newest version of the Power Shot SX40 or go the route of the DSLR? Are T3 or T2i user friendly enough to use as a point and shoot until I have time to learn how to use and set up?

Thanks for your help.
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You can treat a DSLR like a point and shoot. Entry level models have "scene" modes (action, landscape, portrait etc....). Especially since you want something longer in "zoom" than your current camera you'll find two negatives about a DSLR:
1) A dslr will have less of the image "in focus" than a similarly framed image from your current camera. To some, this is a benefit. Others don't like it. In either case, when your focus is off with a DSLR it is more noticeable because of this. When you treat a DSLR like a point-and-shoot you may not pay attention to what part of the frame the camera is focusing on. That can produce undesirable results.

2) with a lens that has a longer focal length equivalent than your current camera there's a definite increase in size. Your current lens has an "equivalent focal length" of 432mm. On an entry level Canon DSLR you'd need a 300mm lens to MATCH that length. To get noticeably more reach you would need a 400mm lens or more. That's big, heavy, expensive stuff.

So, if lack of "zoom" is your biggest complaint you might be better served buying one of the latest superzoom cameras. For example the Powershot Sx40 has a max zoom equivalent to 840mm. You'd have to use a 500mm lens on a Canon DSLR to get close to that.
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If you currently "love" the S5is (and why not...),I'm sure you'll love the SX40HS.
Twice the zoom power,MUCH faster burst modes,full HD video- and as the S5is- all the manual modes if you wish to indulge. Plus you can put it in a decent sized coat pocket..!!
Yes- a DSLR- potentially- will yield better results,but at MUCH greater expense to get even close to the versatility of the SX40...
I've owned(and loved) two S3is's,one S5is and now the SX40HS.
Think of it as a "Swiss army knife".... something that can get the job done across a variety of situations...
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Thanks for the replies!!! I really appreciate them.
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A DSLR with a big-zoom lens gets pricey. The best advantage for doing so in your case would be for lower light photography. The bigger sensor will allow more options for taking a picture.
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