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Default Help, this is not going well

Today, I tried to take a photograph of a milkshake in a clear cup. It was in a mesh white lightbox with lights on the side attempting to illuminate what's inside the box.

The results were horrible.

Here's some info:
Canon 5d Mark III
Tamron 24-70 2.8f VC lens (tried both mounted and handheld)
ISO 800
70mm focal length.

What am I doing wrong? I've never shot with a light box before. So I may be totally messing that up.

I thought maybe my camera is not focusing properly. So i shot at something else and the focus looks fine. I have also had a professional calibrate the microadjustment for focus.

Thanks for your help. I need to get this right by the end of the work day Friday.

Faithfully (but frantically) yours,
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G'day FP

For the moment - forget the camera & lens stuff

1- what colour is the liquid? ... has it been realistically represented?
2- what type of light source are you using in the light box? ... flash? 3200k bulbs? [the lo voltage sort of halogen bulbs]
3- have you tried another item [flower, jewellry etc.] to check colour & exposure responses?

Hope this helps
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Your light source is not consistent from one side to the other. B/g, which presumably is white, goes from bluish on bottom right, to yellowish at top left. This may be partly due to the color of the liquid and the light stronger on the right.
If this is to show the product, try using a smaller aperture - f/8 perhaps, and a lower ISO. This will make for a longer shutter time, but if your camera is mounted, that shouldn't be a problem.
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I think you've got a Depth of Field issue. You're shooting down at the cup, and the rim closest to you is in focus but the far rim and the bottom of the cup are out of focus.

At its minimum focus distance of 15 inches, at f/4.0, the DoF is a tenth of an inch fore and aft. At double the distance, it's still only 1/2 inch.

To get 3 inches (the presumed width of the cup) of DoF at that focal length and focus distance, you need to go smaller than f/11, and even that won't be enough if you still focus on the rim nearest to you.

I'd try a longer lens at a longer focus distance to get enough DoF to get the whole cup in focus.
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Some good questions asked about colour representation, etc. I agree re depth of field, for this sort of thing, I would want to be at f/11 or higher, so go back to tripod, use a trigger or 2 second delay and see how you get on.
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