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What parameters do you use 1 or 2 or something else?
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Parameter 1 has the contrast, Sharpness, and saturation all bump up one stop. Parameter 2 has them all at zero or no in camera adjustments. You also have some you can set yourself. There is no right or wrong one, it is a matter of taste, and if shooting RAW all can be adjusted in post processing too.
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I use the one with the contrast & Sat. bumped up. and I create my own.
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Something else - RAW. :-)
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Always use RAW. It does magic with pictures.
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nidza wrote:
Always use RAW. It does magic with pictures.
I respectfully disagree. RAW is absolutely an option and gives you more latitude. But it's extra steps in your post processing workflow. The biggest advantages to shooting RAW are the ability to fix white balance issues and correct improper exposure. If a person isn't encountering those issues it isn't likely that RAW is going to provide any benefit over JPEG that will be noticable in a print. But you still incur the extra PP steps.

I like to use RAW when I know the situation will have tricky WB and I can't or dont have time to set a custom WB or when I know I've got very tricky exposure. But the WB in canon DSLRs is really very good. I don't have many situations where it doesn't work or where I can't set a custom wb.

So, I do agree it's very useful, but the notion floating around in forums that "real" photogs always use RAW is utter hogwash.

Having said all that - digital film is cheap so definitely experiment with RAW. You may find you like to shoot RAW all the time and that's OK. In my experience (which is different than others) it didn't benefit 90% of my shots so I end up using it selectively.
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I agree with JohnG - All my pictures are shot in JPEG as well
If I need to "fix" any picture, I'll go back and shoot it again... (hey that's another vacation trip to the Carribean for me) :-)

-> Really this forces one to plan ahead and get the exposure right in the 1st place and not doing any magic after you goof it! :?
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and honestly i am finding the in camera jpeg from the 1D mark II to be more lively than with the same settings from a 5D. I just took few landscapes with both 1D and the 5D and images straight from 1D was much more crisper. The 5D was a bit warmer.

I used exactly the same settings(which is probably wrong since both are different in processing a jpeg(my guess))

i shot with the 24-105, 24mm with the 1D and 32mm with the 5D. The images where almost similar except for the detail difference between the 8mp and 12mp. But the difference is not that huge.

I def like the 6mb jpeg from the 1D over the 5D's 10mb jpeg. I will have to set the 5D in a diferent way to get the same effect. Its a bad comparison, and i agree. But the idea is to just say that the jpegs from 1D Mark II are absolutely gorgeous if exposed properly

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