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Default I Need a good first lens for my 77D - I am new at this.

I purchased a Canon 77D body only. I need a good everyday lens without breaking the bank. I am not a professional photographer but like to take pictures of the family, vacations and nature (landscapes and birds). I think I regret not having bought the camera with a kit lens (18-55mm). My friend suggests a 50mm only (prime?) lens but my thought is that may be too limiting. I like Canon and I am reluctant to purchase a lens by any other maker - although that is only because I don't know any better - I have nothing to base that opinion upon. I have been online and know that a lens can be quite expensive. The cost of a "kit lens" is appealing - your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Price is a big factor for me - if price were not a factor then I would have purchased a pro lens with the camera - thank you! Dan in Florida
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Unfortunately, the "Kit Lens" is only inexpensive when you buy it as part of the kit. Since you bought your 77D "body only", that option is no longer available to you.

I don't think the 50mm prime would work well for most of what you want to do. I'd recommend the Sigma 17-70, but if you're reluctant to go with third-party lenses, there's the Canon 17-85. It's not as good as the Sigma and it costs more, but it's a Canon. That should work well for much of what you want to do, but it might not always be long enough for birding. For that, I'd suggest the Tamron 70-300, but the Canon 70-300 will work as well.

You might be tempted to look for a single lens to cover everything, but jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none lenses never work as well as multiple lenses of less ambitious zoom ranges. And, after all, you bought an interchangeable lens camera for that very reason.
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TCAV: thank you for your thoughts and effort put into your kind reply. I appreicate your help. Dan
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You've probably done something by now but a few quick thoughts. For what you want to shoot you need to go from wide angle for family/indoors shots to "normal" for travel/family/landscape to telephoto for nature/animals/birding. With the 1.6 crop factor of Canon sensors you need a fairly wide lens on the wide end. The only single lens that comes to mind to cover all those aspects is the Tamron 16-300. Canon makes an 18-300 but that extra 2mm width on the wide end will make a significant difference indoors. A two lens solution would be something like the Canon 15-85 which helps a bit more on the wide end and 70-300 or 100-400 but that's going to get up there in price some. What did you end up doing? What are your thoughts now that you've got a few months experience with it?
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