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Default I'm having second thoughts about the 10D

After finally deciding to buy the 10D, I'm thinking now that, perhaps, the 300D is a more logical choice for me.

First of all, the difference in the price here in Canada is roughly about $500-600. That money would help pay for a new lens. ( I have no SLR lenses)

Also, most of the features on the 10D are also on the 300D.

Problem is there are two features on the 10D that I think would be important to me: the PC sync terminal ( I sometimes take studio shots) and the Magnesium Alloy Body (I'm very hard on cameras).

I'm also concerned that the 300D doesnt have the pentaprism mirror as found in the 10D.

Any 300D or 10D owners care to comment?
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I own the 10D and like it. I have never touched or seen a 300D. I have read a little bit of Steve's review, though.

A reason to like the 10D is that it has a deeper buffer (9 pictures) and shoots more shots per second (3.) Could I live without those? Yes. But it would have caused me to miss some shots I like (and am glad I got.) If you think that would matter, then seriously consider it. It also doesn't have any of the custom functions. Have I used them? Only 1, I believe. But some people use them more ('cause the defaults aren't to their liking.)

There are also interface differences. If you don't use manual controls, they won't matter. But settings in full manual are harder to make because of the lack of the second wheel.

But for actual image quality they both produce really good pictures.

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