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Old Oct 5, 2003, 7:45 PM   #1
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Default I'm having second thoughts about the 10D

After finally deciding to buy the 10D, I'm thinking now that, perhaps, the 300D is a more logical choice for me.

First of all, the difference in the price here in Canada is roughly about $500-600. That money would help pay for a new lens. ( I have no SLR lenses)

Also, most of the features on the 10D are also on the 300D.

Problem is there are two features on the 10D that I think would be important to me: the PC sync terminal ( I sometimes take studio shots) and the Magnesium Alloy Body (I'm very hard on cameras).

I'm also concerned that the 300D doesnt have the pentaprism mirror as found in the 10D.

Any 300D or 10D owners care to comment?
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Old Oct 5, 2003, 9:19 PM   #2
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I myself.

There is that peice of me that says "You stupid, save some money and wait for the 300D" and then there is that other side that says "Get what you've always wanted" and "You get what you pay for."

So I sit with my 10D without regrets of even considering the 300D. But its all depending on how serious you are about SLR and its capabilities. The 300D is sure gonna make other camera manufactures think quick. Canon just put a twist in their shorts...

I'd go with the 300D maybe in your boat. Considering you have no lenses. You could buy a pretty good lens with saving 600 or so and plus what you was gonna pay for a lens (Extra 400 or so). You could pick up a couple lenses or make me drool 70-200 Canon L lens... 8)
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Old Oct 6, 2003, 1:52 AM   #3
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Default If you want a 300D, I'll make you a deal!

And you'll get rid on your 10D to boot!
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Old Oct 6, 2003, 5:39 AM   #4
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I've handled the 300D, and was particular amazed by its compactness over the 10D! I wouldn't mind at all of the plastic, just check your last SLR, chances are they were also made of polycarbonate also... and have proven to be quite reliable and light especially with the EF-s 18-55 that no 10D can match! Just try to bump a 10D it will not just scratch, but dent as well... unlike a 300D (beside the silver color is more friendly) 8)

As to sync terminal there's always photoslaves which are wireless... BTW there's also numerous RF radio (also wireless) devices that one can mount on top of the flash socket to work with studio flashes so theses are not good reasons not to buy a Digital Rebel... 8)

Justify if the price/features are worth the difference between the two cameras... not plastic/mirror if the camera can do the job as intended (and it's pretty good at that). Beside the other benefit of the 300D is instead of paying for a more expensive lens, one can invest that $500-600 difference for an 'improved 20D' or 'Digital Rebel II' within the 12 months... Theses are not the last wonders you know, there's always better cameras coming so just be prepared :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Old Oct 6, 2003, 9:42 AM   #5
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Default Re: I'm having second thoughts about the 10D

Originally Posted by SteveZ
Also, most of the features on the 10D are also on the 300D.

Problem is there are two features on the 10D that I think would be important to me: the PC sync terminal ( I sometimes take studio shots) and the Magnesium Alloy Body (I'm very hard on cameras).
You can get the Nikon AS 15 PC converter for about $19 at bhphoto.com to take care of studio flash shooting (works beautiful). Well for the money and what is worth, the Canon Rebel is kinda mor economy/practical decision choice, but if you need to repalce it for any reason, it's easy to replace with much lower price. I have both, and I use the 300D for back up and all around shooting...cheers
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Default 300D / 10d or used D60?

I'm in the same boat - about to spend nearly a grand on a digital body and need to make the decision.

Do I go for the 300D - the 10D or a used D60?

Either way, I'd want to go for a hyperzoom 28-200 or 28-300, most probably Sigma as I think they make excellent lenses.

I'm an avid amateur who wants top-notch results. Quite alot of my images will be indoor flash of the family, but outdoors alot also.

Advice and comments would be great - thanks
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Old Oct 6, 2003, 9:43 PM   #7
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Since it seems like the imaging chip of the the new camera is the same, either is going to give you good results.

What you have to decide on is how much extra you are prepared to pay for easier manual control, penta-prism, larger body etc.

I looked at both and i finally decided to go with the rebel and put the difference in memory, lenses and a new bag. Don't forget that you'll want to get a new memory card that will be fast enough to keep up with the camera. Using a slow card on a 10D will negate some of it's buffer advantage over a 300D and fast card.

The decision is up to you: the 300D was a better choice for me, the 10D is what the salesrep at the store would want, and a D100 is what my brother needed since he had a good deal of Nikon lenses.

If you aren't going to need some of the advanced features that the 10D has get the less expensive camera and by better lenses.

For indoor shots I'd be sure to get a good external flash with a bounce head. a 300D with a 420EX flash will give you better interiors then a 10D and only the built in flash. Especially if you get a hyper-zoom lens that can easily cast a shadow in a shot.

Personally i disagree with the view that you should get a camera that you'll grow into. Digicams depreciate so fast that by the time you're at a level to use all the features, the camera has been replaced twice by the maanufacturer!
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Old Oct 7, 2003, 12:16 PM   #8
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Just because the camera has been replaced doesn't mean you have to replace it! If it still works and does what you need, keep it. If it doesn't do what you want, replace it.

But the reason I wouldn't spend too much more for "grow into" features is that the next generation or two will probably have things you'll want a lot. When you're ready to grow into those features the money you saved (by not buying up to features you don't need now/soon) will help buy the replacement. And the older camera could be a gift to a relative or sold.

I agree that the chip and subsystem between the two cameras is basically the same, so the image quality should be basically the same.


I agree that you need to decide if you need the better/different features of the 10D. If not, do as ursa did and get the cheaper camera. Personally, if I was buying now, I would think long and hard, worry that I am wasting money and get the 10D. It has a few things which matter to me a lot (I know now, I didn't know when I got it) which the 300D doesn't have. Once I learned that they did matter, I'd be happy.

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Old Oct 7, 2003, 12:19 PM   #9
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I like the two dials on the 10D. It is really handy to be able to turn those while looking through the viewfinder. I don't know how easy or hard it is to get the same settings changed on the 300D. But if that is significantly harder, I'm glad I have the 10D :-)

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