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Default Imported model of Canon T2i...worth getting?

Hello all, I am getting the Canon T2i and found it on a website for $419 but it is an imported model. I hesitate getting this one because it is significantly less than the USA model which brings questions to surface. Wondering if anyone has an imported model or knows anything about these vs. USA models. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
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All Canons are imported. Those that say USA have a USA warranty.

If you purchase a gray market camera (what you are talking about), it will have no warranty ... and Canon here will NOT repair it. Gray market items purchased from reputable stores like Adorama and B&H are repaired under their waranty by their technicians.

Moreover, a T21 body runs in the US$650-700 or thereabouts range. The price you stated is from one of the rip-off outfits, and you will be VERY sorry you dealt with them. I strongly suggest you read the following: http://dgrin.com/showthread.php?t=374

Then look at these "storefronts": http://donwiss.com/pictures/BrooklynStores/

Now, still think $419 ais good deal?

Hope the above info helps ...
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Check out the sellers credentials!
Just remember a basic rule for ANY purchase, if it sounds too good to be true it may not be.
It is a web purchase so kindly protect your rump.
That's all from me
Good Luck
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That price even for a grey market model is out of line, as in way under the market which usually ends in disaster. The best legit prices are at B&H and Adorama. If the price is outside of that range they are ripping you off by either serverely over charging or in this case by undercharging. These places come in two forms, those that just rip you off altogether and you never see anything for the money spent or the old "Bait and Switch".....Oh BTW you will need a battery with that and the battery is $300. Or they try and sell you a boatload of extras then when you look over it later that deal is not so much of a deal anymore. Then when you refuse the extras that particular model is all of the sudden on backorder and they dont know whens its coming in. The Bait and Switch ones are easy to spot, they always call after the order is placed to "Verify the order". What they are really calling for is to sell you the overpriced extras to make their money or to tell you its on backorder when you dont want the extras but they have this one that costs more than the other places in stock.
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Another ploy these rippers use is to tell you that the product is backordered, and try
to get you to wait for your order. After a while they will refund you money, but you
are out the intrest on you card, and they make money off banking your money for
2-3 months while you dispute the charge. BUYER BEWARE. JUST STICK TO THE

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