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erin Sep 11, 2002 4:57 PM

infrared (d100 vs. d60)
has anyone done any infrared on the d60?...i don't think it's possible because of the coated something or other...hope someone can prove me wrong...

i have a couple canon lenses, a rebel g and an eos a2 body, and two canon mount flashes...

but i am so tempted by the other side because you can shoot infrared on the d100 and also the focusing is supposed to be a little better in dim lighting...

now, i see that chris has shot some ir on his d30 but his pictures are not really the same effect as what i'm looking for...(maybe some of it is photoshop or maybe i just need to use photoshop to edit to what i'm looking for?...:(

shawn Sep 19, 2002 6:54 PM

D60 IR
Just put a Hoya RM72 on my D60 and took it for a spin. 30 second exposure at iso 400 f/1.8 on a mildly cloudy day. My Pro90is did the same exposure (f/2.8 for it) at iso 50 in 1 second. D60 is not the way to go for IR, but the pro90 was pretty easy. I also hear the coolpix 950s work well. Save your $40 on the filter and get dinner instead.

For another route - do a search on IR in photoshop and do it yourself with the channel mixer or get Fred Miranda's digital IR action at

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