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Chipperi Mar 28, 2004 12:02 AM

On its way
My new 300d is due here Tuesday. But I was brushing up on my photography and found something that got me thinking (man I hate when that happens). If the focal length of the lense is in direct relation to the film how does this effect digital cams. For instance the diagnal measurement of 35mm film is 46mm therfore to get a 1:1 photo you would need a 50mm lense. How does this differ in digital cameras were the diagnal measurement of the image sensor could be say 7mm for the 300d would I have to completely forget everything I have learned and say that I would need a 10mm lense?? (yes I know it doesnt exist) Or am I thinking too hard?

ohenry Mar 28, 2004 12:32 AM

For the Rebel, it is a factor of 1.6 .... so a 50mm lens has a 35mm equivalent of 80mm

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