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Default JPEGs on EOS-300D ??

I am an amateur photographer (film and digital) and would like to get some information from current 300D owners. I was thinking about investing in a dSLR for the added advantage of inter-changeable lenses. Since I already own a Nikon N80 film SLR, I was thinking about going to either the Nikon D100 or the Fuji S2 Pro (seemed logical). However, doing lots of reading in the forums, researching on the Net and talking to current dSLR owners, I realize that using a dSLR means doing post-production work after ever pic before printing. I don't own nor know how to use Photoshop and really don't have time to learn it (work, night school, 2 kids, etc...). I tried my friend's Olympus C-5050Z for about 6 months and really loved it. Pics right out of the camera were always awesome (outdoor, indoor and low-light). I have printed hundreds of 8x10" on my Canon i950 right out of camera and all are awesome (even sold a few). Therefore, my question to current 300D owners: Is the above statement also true for the 300D? How are the JPEGs? Do you really need to do post-production work on the pics or are they printable (8x10") out of camera? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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The simple answer to your question is “yes” and “no”. Using DSLR does not means you have to use the post processing. Yes, it’s highly recommended to use PS for post processing in digital photography. Most of the times, it’s up to you to make the decision to modify the photograph. If you’re happy with the result, then you can leave it like it is. If you’re not happy with the result, then you can use PS to make the proper adjustments (ex...exposure, contrast, sharpness), this is one of the advantages of digital photography. Base on my own experience, you don’t need to be an expert in Photoshop software to use it. It will take time to learn to utilize all the features, but at the meantime, just for using the auto level, auto contrast and auto color features of this software (PS 7.0), in most cases will improve the result of your photograph from 25 to 35%. Using DSLR you get several benefits of interchangeable lenses, true optical viewfinder...etc..., almost no time lag between taking picture to the next and it also have necessary features and tools to creative some excellent pictures that most P/S camera can’t do. I’m a longtime Nikon user in film camera (F5, F-100, FM2 SP) but for digital photography, I’m using Canon cameras since they have most of the innovation technologies built in to the camera. Nikon seems to be 2 steps behind Canon in digital photography (I now have a number of great Canon L lenses). For an example, the 10D have so many advanced features built in to a better body (magnesium alloy) compare to the Nikon D100 (polycarbonate) and the price still $200 cheaper and the DIGIC technology combines with CMOS chip is proven to produce lower noise picture than the CCD chip from the Nikon (all Nikon P/S digit cams still didn't have TTL flash features comapre to Canon P/S). With the introduction of the Canon Rebel digital with the 18-55mm EF-S for less than $1,000 with most features of any SLR (they took a best selling SLR camera body in the market, put on a digital chip and make it become a DSLR, what 's going to happen? they will sell them like hot cake), I can see Nikon is already in trouble with the market, and very soon they will have to response. I see a little advantage of setting the size of the picture between RAW and JPEG in most cases, so 80% of times I shoot in JPEG.

If you have a substantial investment in the Nikon’s collection of lenses, then you may want to consider waiting for the new replacement of the D100. If not, you can try out the Canon 10D or the Rebel. The Olympus C5050Z is an excellent P/S camera and have almost all the features of an SLR, I took several hundred pictures with this camera and you may not tell the different between its results compare to DSLR, you can continue to use it and experience more with PS 7.0 in the transition to take the next step to purchase your first DSLR.
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I agree with [email protected] in almost every way.

In my experience auto levels and auto contrast has rarely produce something good for me (and usually laughably bad) but it’s quite easy to use levels and contrast directly that using the auto version saves a few minutes at most.

So yes, there is more work editing a picture. But it isn’t much more to turn a good picture into something “very good” (if the potential is there.) It can be a lot of effort to turn it into something amazing… but not a lot of pictures have “amazing” in them waiting to come out, so this is rarely an issue.

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The reason why you hear more often about postprocessing in d-slr groups is here are a lot of people who consider every pixel in the image sacred. We tend to cry wolf over a hint of purple fringe or anything less than 'print text' sharp. For some it is also vital, prints should be usable as showcase. In the consumer and prosumer groups there are also darn good professionals, but overcrowded by just happy consumers.

Unaltered print from d-slr is possible, they might even turn out better than a consumer camera if you prefer to use in camera sharpening or other settings (it's the ccd size and lense that makes most of the image quality).
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