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I must say that for ISO1600 there really does seem to be remarkably little noise.
Keep in mind that some of the shots were run through NeatImage which would get rid of much of the noise (the one's that have filtered in the name). I really am an amateur at this so shooting indoors at ISO 1600 is new to me. I was used to shooting outdoor soccer with a point & shoot camera (with a 10x zoom) and getting crisp pictures. I suppose there's nothing like the bright sun to help with crisp sports shots.

As to your photos, have you tried bumping up the sharpening in the custom settings? Are you getting a good focus lock? Is the Tamrom lens otherwise sharp? Just some random thoughts 'cause your shutter speed looks OK.
No I have not tried bumping up the sharpening in the custom settings but I'll have to give that a try. I don't know if anyone else can comment on this.

Am I getting good focus lock? That's a good question, and I'm not sure, of course, my subject is constantly moving. I am shooting in Av mode and in Continuous mode, so I'm not exactly sure how the 300D handles this. (I'll have to read the manual). The Tamron lens does seem to be otherwise sharp.


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