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Hey Everyone,

I had someone tell me today that shutters (Hole accembly) only are good for 12,000-15,000 shots or so. Is that true? I noticed Canon makes a big stink about the new Mark II with 200,000 shot shutter reliability. I never even really though about this. What is the life expentancy of a 10D and DR and how much would I be looking at down the road if this needs to be replaced.

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There would be a lot of dead Digital Rebels already if 12,000-15,000 were the case....

Around 50,000 is closer to the correct number for a digital SLR like the Rebel. I've put over 8,000 on mine since January. At that rate I'll be at the end of 3 years or into the 4th before I should expect to see shutter problems.

75,000 to 100,000 for a 10D/D60/D30 is probably a good estimate.

100,000 to 150,000+ for the various 1D models up to the latest 1D Mark II, and most will probably exceed that guess.

Of course, there are examples of all these cameras that will both go over and under depending on all kinds of variables from how they are kept to what conditions they are shot in. And let's face it, there are some lemons that make it out of the factory in any model run. The people who get those will complain louder online than people happy with their camera.

The very best made film SLR will go 150,000+, just as a comparison. I did see a web page today where a Nikon F5 owned by a German firm went into Nikon for a service & it was discovered it had gone almost 1.1 million cycles without a hitch.

These days I'm shooting with my film based EOS 3 as much or more than my Digital Rebel, and I expect it will still be with me long after the Digital Rebel has been worn out.

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