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Default Micro Adjustment

I know what micro adjustment is and I know how to do it (sort of) but to be honest, I just don't trust myself to get it right. If I do it, it get different results every time. I give up.

So, a local camera store brings in some technicians twice a year to do micro adjustments for you. Their own repair department does not do micro adjustments.

They charge $10 per lens per camera. I have 1 body and 5 lenses. So my bill will be $50.

Is that a reasonable fee or should I keep looking for a someone else?

Faithfully Yours,
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$50 sounds like a good deal to me.

You should expect the values to bounce around a little. That's why you do it several times and use the mean result.

Hopefully, that's what they'll do.

Check them.
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Yeap - This is why it's futile for people to expect their AF to be 100% accurate every time... (even after calibration)

One can correct for a trend, i.e. back (or front) focus, but the focus will not be spot on for every shot as the camera will dither back and forth!
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