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Default Micro-adjustment

I'm trying to perform a microadjustment on my camera to make sure I donít have front focus or rear focus.

The camera is a Canon 5d Mark iii the lens is a Tamron 24-70 2.8 with image stabilization.

I'm shooting a ruler a couple of feet away from me that is angled at a 45 degree angle to the camera.

In the center of my focus is the number 25 (cm). At a micro adjustment of +2, the 24cm is ever so slightly sharper than the 25.
At +3, the 26 is slightly sharper the 25. (I may have that backwards.)

What it seems I need is a micro-adjustment of +2 & 1/2. is there a solution?

Faithfully Yours,
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I've spent hours trying to micro-adjust lenses.

You'll get one end dialed in and the other end get's worse. It's tough enough with a prime lens and zoom has been impossible for me. Your lens doesn't sound too bad. There's no perfect lens.

My conclusion is that if you really need to adjust a zoom lens your better off getting another one. If it's close leave it alone.

Sorry to be negative but that's been my experience.
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I've used this on four different bodies, and multiple lenses on each. . . . works great for me.

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