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I bought my 10D about a week ago and have shot about 50 or so pics in different conditions. I have been using a Canon 28-80 3.5-5.6 lens with Tiffin skylight 1-A filter.

The first shots I took were indoors. They were acceptably clear with the built-in flash, but obviously it lacks range. Still, sharp enough to prove that there is not a focus problem.

The ones I took outside were VERY disappointing. I'm well aware of the focusing issues on the various boards, but feel that most problems seem to be user-induced. And I believe that to be the case for me too.....

.....the problem is that yesterday I took some shots in the garden. It was early evening, very sunny, and certainly sufficient light (some would say perfect). The ISO was set to 100 and I used an AV setting of F8. For some reason, every shot was blurred. I didn't think to check the shutter speed at the time, but in so doing after seeing the results this morning, I found that they were all shot at 1/10 or 1/15. Clearly, there's the smoking gun, but given the light available, I'm unsure why the camera chose such a slow speed.

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong........

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Sunny F16 Rule: Full sun at ISO 100 1/100 sec at F/16...F/8 would be 1/50 sec...and that's FULL sun. Early evening, 1/15- 1/30 sec is not unusual at F/8 and ISO 100. I think your problem is too slow of a shutter speed for handheld shots. Increase your ISO or shift to Tv mode and shoot at a shutter speed that you can capably hand hold wihthout camera movement.
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remember too that you need to multiply the focal length by 1.7 to use the 'at least 1/focal length shutter speed' rule of thumb. If you were at 85mm, that's equivalent to ~ 135mm so you'd need to be shooting with a shutter speed of 1/150s for blur free hand held shots.

ohenry - maybe I'm tired but I think you're mistaken. Opening up the shutter from f16 to f8 should mean the shutter speed decreases from 1/100 to 1/200. Right?

regardless, in the evening you'd have a lot less light than under the noon sun, ISO 100, f8 and 1/15 sounds about right.

sjcornish - if you meter off of the grass in the garden you'll get an idea what the correct exposure settings need to be. Grass is about the same tonality as an 18% grey card and your camera's meter is designed to properly expose that grey card.

If what you're shooting isn't the same tonality - say macro of a white flower, use the exposure lock - * - button and lock in a reading off of a better subject than recompose. AE lock is the best feature after auto focus.

The thing I love about digital is that with the EXIF data you can easily see the settings and determine what went wrong and how to improve next time.
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You're right Ursa....I wasn't thinking clearly .... but that's nothing new.
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