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T-mounts - funny!

It's not just the mechanical mount that matters - the EF lenses are 'smart' too. It's always good to remember that some Sigma lenses won't autofocus with cameras newer than the Elan 7.

photosbyvito - Sigma, Tamron and Tokina make lenses with the different camera manufacturer's mounting system. In addition - Sigma makes lenses that fit only their own SLR bodies.

You can also get adapters that would let you use T-mount lenses or FD lenses on an EF mount as well. But there is no autofocus and I can't see much point in doing this with most lenses.

Maybe a bellows for macro work or a Tilt-shift lens or if you need to use a microscope or telescope. Something where you would use manual focus or can't justify the price of a new EF lens.
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T-Mount, yes my old Praktica used those. It also used the old pentax screw mount
Ummm...Praktica Super-TL now there was a high end camera

A good reason for doing this now that I can see is it would unlock you from a particular brands camera system. Right now once you buy a body and a couple of lenses you are not likely to switch to another manfacturers system. If this was really developed you could jump from system to system without having to rebuy all the overpriced lenses.

BTW I still use a T-mount to adapt to a telescope.
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Too much electronics in the mount now to have anything similar to t-mounts for today's cameras :?
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Originally Posted by photosbyvito

also.......someone in this forum(can't remember >_< )had a sigma lens with a Canon.......i guess they had the same mount?

is the mount the only thing that has to be compatible?

Sigma are a big name in lenses made for a range of cameras. But you still need to match the lens mount to the camera. i.e. if you have a Canon EOS film or digital SLR it will use Canon EOS lenses - and Sigma lenses that have a Canon EOS mount. A sigma lens with a Nikon mount, however, would not suit the Canon body owner. :-)
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