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peripatetic wrote:
shadokachr wrote:
knd wrote

In image quality....is there gonna be any improvement, using the same glass? canon 50mm f1.8, sigma 17-70 ....etc?
thanks again
12.2 Mp and 14 bit A/D conversion. In a word, yes.
In a word NO. Not so that it's worth worrying about.

I personally would rather have the 20D, no contest.
If features were the only thing that matters, I would be all over the 20D. Since image quality is what photography is all about, and i have been a professional news photographer for almost 30 years, in the image quality dept. the 20D comes in second. Now there are features, as mentioned in previous posts, that the XSi has that the 20D does not, and many that the XSi does not.
Comparing the two cameras is really an apples and oranges issue. They are not, and not intended to be, in the same class. One is a bottom rung pro camera and the other is intended for the photo hobbyist.
In the final analysis, the 20D is the better camera, but the XSi is the better image maker.
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I think last post says it all. 20D is a better camera, more options to use (1/8000 shutter speed, 3200 iso). 450D is a less pro camera.

live view i tought at first it whould be rather useless, but now i find it helpfull to frame those hard angle shots. LCD is appeling and helps review the photos. 12MP i find usefull cause i like to crop alot.

I whouldn't trade them tough
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after some thinking, some hands on eos450d, ...i've decided to stay with the 20d.
maybe 450d has better image, but...but most of the time i wont do more than 10cmx15cm prints.

i've got the dials of 20d (can't live without it eheh_), iso 3200 used not so many times...but when needed it was there, and the bigger body of the 20d....just to name something that i prefer in 20d. if i haven't any camera...maybe i would get the 450d, it's a great camera too (maybe better in image as someones say).
thanks for your opinions, honestly.
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