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I am looking at purchasing either a Nikon D70 or the canon EOS300D (Rebel).

All the D70 owners have been kind enough to tell me why I should go for it and not the Rebel, while all the Canon owners have been keen to tell me the good things about rhe Rebel.

What I would like is any criticism the owners have of their own camera (if any).

Thanks in advance
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Sometimes if Im using my rebel in continuous shooting mode it will stop shootoing to catch up the processing of the shots in the camera, Thats about the only thing that bothers me at times.
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Old Oct 20, 2004, 10:54 PM   #3
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I've found to get the most out of it requires the firmware hack, which you may not be comfortable doing (its easy, but probably voids your warantee). Flash exposure compentation and mirror lockup are the biggies for me, the former more than latter.

The flash on top has a slight rattle to it when the camera moves around; can be frightening until you figure out what it is, then just a tad bit annoying.

I find the "preflash to focus" in low light behavior really annoying as do people I happen to be shooting; need to get an external flash I guess, so I can scan people like barcodes instead.

Battery life is OK, but you'll want a second one handy if you'll be shooting all day.

The RAW conversion software that ships with it is awful. The upgrade off the web isn't much better. If you want to shoot RAW, strongly consider getting a 3rd party RAW program for it. I'm just shooting highest JPEG for now, and am pretty happy with the results, so this is a really minor thing for me.

Last but not least, the Rebel tends to be all-consuming, so I've less time to drink beer ;-)

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Old Oct 21, 2004, 12:20 AM   #4
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I think having the DRebel pick the metering mode and not letting you do so is bad design (it makes it different from the 10D/20D, but I just wouldn't consider it acceptable.)

For what I shoot, the 4 picture buffer is not nearly enough.

I also think the interface changes (one wheel instead of two) is a badly designed interface as well.

Do you own any lenses? Any equipment that goes with the camera? If so, then it usually isn't worth switching brands... just go with that company (but get the 20D or the D70.)

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I've had the 300d for about 7 months now and although its a great camera l'm now finding it a bit limiting.
I shoot mainly sports and and in my opinion this is where the camera falls down. If you want to shoot in the creative modes then the lack of AI servo is a real pain if somethings coming towards you and you want to shoot a full burst of 4 frames.
The 300D is my first DSLR and l've learnt sooo much from using it and i wouldnt hessitate to reccomend it to anyone, just not for sports. :?
Have a look at my pbase if you want.

Good luck anyway...
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