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Default Rebel VS ccd cameras.

I see a lot of talk comparing the rebel to the 10D.
Is it worth the price to purchase the rebel over other digital cameras. Do you think the Rebel will produce a much better picture then even the new sony and minolta comming out? Will 8X10 printouts be much better?

Also I guess the question is lenses again. Is it worth having to purchase lenses and change lenses rather than having the 28mm to telephoto lenses built onto to others.

Is it worth just haveing the DSLR experience?
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Default Re: Rebel VS ccd cameras.

Originally Posted by iblaineman
Do you think the Rebel will produce a much better picture then even the new sony and minolta comming out? Will 8X10 printouts be much better?
Comparing my G2/G3 shots to my Digital Rebel shots I would say that the pictures a 'Point and Shoot' like the G2/G3 or Sony are able to get can look great, it's the pictures they can't get where the Digital Rebel works better. With perfect conditions a 4MP camera can get great 12x18 and 20x30 prints, the Rebel can adjust to low light conditions better though.

So it depends on what you need, if you'll always have bright light you might not notice much difference, but if you need to adjust the ISO a DSLR is a better choice.
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The decision to go to a dSLR is more than lenses - more me it was the ability to take a picture at the exact moment I wanted. With my G2 I have to anticipate the moment, with the dRebel I get an immediate response.

The hardest shot to take I've found is a child on a swing set, with the changing background and distance I've never been able to get good shots. The first day with my dRebel I was.

The downside on the dSLRs is that they lack some of the 'neat' features that P&Ss do. An LCD preview screen allows you to compose a picture without being right behind the camera. No movie feature is available with a dSLR. etc.

Printing quality is heavily influenced by pixel count, but you can get good 8 by 10s with only 3 megapixels. A higher count will allow you to crop photos more.

As far as lenses go, you can buy a 28-200 lens to give you the all in one lens you're looking for. Unfortunately you'll end up with a ~50-340mm lens because of the smaller than 35mm sensor size. I wouldn't suggest it (personally I'm not a fan of hyperzoom quality) but it would give you a good 'one lens' package with the 18-55 that the dRebel comes with.
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if you never used a SLR are before your in for a rare treat. its called learning to take pictures all over again. this is due to greater control afforded to you using this type of camera. it is different not due to the imager but the combination of lens and body. it is capable of greater precision in just about every way from a digicam.

i will be replacing my sold off D7Hi with an A1 shortly as a BU for the 1Ds and a more mobile camera in some situations. the sony is nice but still awkward compared to the A1. the A1 is a more forgiving camera compared to a DSLR. a DSLR gives you even more creative control.
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