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Default Should I get a Canon D30 or spend twice the price for a D60?

My wife and I are NOT pro photographers, but we want a digital SLR that will yeald 8x10 prints (from shutterbug, etc) that looks as good as film prints. What kind of prints can I expect from the D30? Does anyone have an experience with this kind of thing? Any help would be appreciated.
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Here is a good link called D30 verses film.


I hope it helps you decide.


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At 8x10 with most subjects, the D30 will produce prints superior to average 35mm color film prints from a competent photographer.

Only when shooting subjects having lots of detail or detail at great distances (group human subjects, etc.) such as a class picture of 30 students, etc., will you find the three megapixel capture resolutiobn lacking. If you intend on enlarging beyond 8x10 the additional expense of the D60 is definitely justified.

I get consistently excellent results from my D30 (I also shoot a Canon EOS-1D four megapixel and a DCS-760 Kodak six megapixel)and find it a great replacement for 35mm fine grain color work for most applications.

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From what you said about your photographic experience and needs, it seems like you could get by with a much cheaper camera than a D30. I have done 8x10s with my Nikon Coolpix 995 (now discontinued) and have been very happy with the results.

The only reason that the D30 might make sense is if you already have a lot of Canon EOS lenses. The D30 will be bigger, heavier, less depth of field, etc., compared to a good non-SLR digital.

I have both a D60 and a Nikon 995. I like them both. I have no hesitation grabbing the 995 to take with me if I am not in the mood to lug a lot of equipment around with me.

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I would suggest the D60 as I have one and am very satisfied with it and the quality of the pics. The D60 is expensive and requires that you make an investment in good quality lenses (why spend $2000 on a body and use cheap lenses?).

If cost is a factor then I would recommend the Nikin Cool Pix 5700. Avery fine camera that is easy to learn and produces exceptional pics at 8 x 10 and larger.
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