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SO squirl033How are you finding the 30D? I ask as Im seriously thinking of going in to debt to replace my 300d with it:-)
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kbryan wrote:
nice photos. any thoughts about the 20D vs. the 30D? (I have the 20D and was wondering). also, I don't have any experience with the tamron lens - is there a big difference price wise or quality wise with the canon lenses? many thanks.

Kay, I upgraded my 20D to a 30D, mostly because of the viewfinder and Picture Styles.The larger viewfinder is a really, really nice improvement over the 20D...

Regarding the Tamron lenses, I have both the $350 Tamron 28-75 and the $1200 Canon 24-70. I can't tell a difference between the two inimage quality, but the Canon focuses so much faster. This faster focusing is a necessity for my wedding work, which is the only way I can justify that huge price difference. But the Tamron is such a great lens that I keep it around for backup, or when I want to travel light. The Canon is waaaay heavier as well. Here are the two side-by-side:


Hope this helps,

Chris M

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Nice shots! Only comment (and that one is only IF) is for the first picture: if only that leaf on the bottom and lower right part could be removed it would a perfect picture! Tamron looks quite nice!

About 20D and 30D. If I have 20D I wouldn't replace it for 30D (unless I've taken 90.000 shots ....). Picture style is fine, but most of the time I take pictures in RAW (and only RAW) and picture style makes no use there. It is good for jpeg's (only option in some modes though). Bigger viewfinder? Is it? I thought they are the same. Bigger LCD? Nice to have, but I am disappointed in using it as a tool to check sharpness. It cannot be used for that. Sharp and blurry pictures look the same (bad) on 30D screen when magnified. And that is the only thing I can complain.

I love the rabbit! Now once I've started taking more of wild-life pictures, I appreciate any effort there. It is not always an easy thing to do! I have a small rabbit pet but this one really is tiny. I found rabbit as very loveable anymal. Is this one just young or is it that kind?

I've purchased Sigma 10-20 and it is a happy lens! Nice for interior shots, special effects, landscape, architecture and low-light! Didn't have any problems with it other people complained.
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first off, thanks to all for the kind comments! it's much appreciated. i'm starting to get the hang of this DSLR thing, but i still have a long way to go, and i appreciate the encouraging words.

i can't address comparisons between the 30D and the 20D, since i've never used a 20D, but went straight from the FZ20 digicam to the 30D. i do know that in terms of specs, etc., there's very little difference between the 20D and 30D, and none at all where it counts - image quality. the "tweaks" are all in handling and small user features. if i already had a 20D, i certainly wouldn't sell it to upgrade... the changes are just not that significant.

as for the Tamron SP 24-135 lens, i've heard the Canon 24-105L focuses faster, but that is of very limited value (certainly not enough to justify Canon's asking price), and from what i've seen, the Tamron doesn't give away anything to the Canon in terms of image quality.if anything, it exceeds my expectations... macro down to 10-12" instead of 16" as advertised, excellent color and sharpness, and reasonably good low-light performance. for what i needed it for - as a general purpose, "walk-eround" lens - it's excellent, and at $400, it's a real bargain compared to the Canon 24-105L.
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Squirl, All the shots are great, but the shot of the little rabbit is just precious:!:
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