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I've had the Rebel 300 for about 18 months - really like it. Take alot of pics ofmy kids sporting events + nature stuff. My two main reasons for wanting to upgrage would be (1) slow speed of Rebel when I take 3,4,5 pics (especially takes too ong when the data is being written to the CF Card), and (2) would prefer the 8MP vs 6MP.

[BTW: I am using standard speed CF cards - would I see a significant upgrade in write speeds if I wnet with 40X or 80X CF cards??]

I am ready to sell the Rebel, and have been considering purchasing the 350XT. But the other day, I met a guy who was shooting with s 20D, and I really liked it. Have done some research - and it seems that alot of people favor paying the extra $$ for the 20D.

Be interesed in feedback/thoughts....



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The answer about the 40x vs 80x CF card is easy to answer. Just check out Rob Galbraith's web page, where he tests different CF cards in different DSLRs. Its a wonderful resource of great info as he is very good at his testing methodology, so you know that he is actually doing reasonable head-to-head tests.

A quick look there shows:
the 80x second edition lexar card (the only thing you can buy now) gets
JPG write speed 4.769MB/sec
RAW write speed 5.679MB/sec

With the 40x card it says:
JPG write speed 4.341MB/sec
RAW write speed 5.727MB/sec

So it will be marginally faster, but I doubt you'd see a large improvement. With the 20D & an 80x Lexar you'd get
JPG write speed 5.034MB/sec
RAW write speed 5.679MB/sec

I don't think you'll know the difference there either.

So it doesn't look to me like you'll see an improvement by switching to the 20D.

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Eric's right about using Rob Galbraith's wonderful database. However, the numbers he quotes may be misleading -- they compare 40x and 80x on the 350D and 20D. I think the question was will using a 40x or 80x on the 300D solve the problem. The answer is mostly no,you can get that by looking at Rob's database too -- you can't even hit 1.5 MB/sec with the 300D, regardless of card.

However, you can almost double the performance from around 700 KB/s to around 1.3 MB/s bygoing from the slowest to thefastest card. So you can get something here byupdating the card, provided you do that carefully considering the database.


That the 350D comes close to the 20D's write performance using a high end card is a mark in favor of the 350D, as Eric shows. Reviews about its speed have been positive in general.

Also, in both cases, the 20D and the 350D, you get a 6 frame raw buffer vs. the 4 frame raw / jpeg buffer of the 300D. You get a much greater speed benefit with the 350D / 20D if you shoot in JPEG, where the buffer goes up to at least 14. But perhaps 6 is enough for you, together with the buffer flushing speed enhancements.

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I agree completely with madwand.
You asked if there is a speed improvelemnt with specific cards with the 20D vs. the 350XT. So you got the numbers. But, as Madwand said, if you have a slow card with the 350XT you should definitely look into getting a faster one before you by the 20D. That would be a much cheaper way to improve your write speed.

To me, the better reason to upgrade to the 20D is the interface improvements and the higher resolution sensor. I don't know much about the 350XT, as I already own the 20D. Having the two wheels lets you change specific things while taking the picture that are too annoying to change on the Rebel. (exposure compensation comes to mind.)

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The differences between the 20D and XT are nicely summarized by Bob Atkins at the following link:


The 20D has many small, and some not so small, advantages over the XT. However, for many people these advantages are insignificant because they are not things that they would take advantage of. For me (and maybe only me), the reason I am happy that I have a 20D and not an XT are:

1. Autofocus works at 1 stop lower light
2. Faster autofocus
3. Faster x-sync
4. 0.9x viewfinder magnification (vs 0.8x for the XT)
5. Quick control dial
6. Rebel XT only has normal precision f5.6 AF sensors
7. Higher shutterspeed capability
8. Feels much better in my hands
9. Feels more rugged (possibly just a perception thing)
10. Longer expected mean time between failure for shutter

Other advantages such asnumber of AF points,framerate, buffer size, custom functions are nice to haves for me with the 20D, but I don't often take advantage of them. The8.2MP vs 8.0MPMP difference isalso insignificant.

If you go through the list on the Atkins site and decide none of the advantages of the 20D are important to you, orjust aren't worth the cost differencefor what you shoot,then buy the XT ... expecially if you like the way it feels. After all, the XT is a fantastic camera which is more than capable of taking beautiful images.

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