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Default What a choice DRebel 10D or D70

This seems to be a dilemer for alot of people at the moment! I have been reading about and trying out these three gems for a month or so now and this is how I see the choice.

Canon 10d - what a beast, fantastic high iso images, great feature list, build quality is first class... I want one but the price is limiting my choice of lenses and accessories.

Canon DRebel 300D - fantastic value for money, sufficeint features for a beginner to DSLR, money left over for extra lenses etc.

Nikon D70 - now this is the best DSLR to hold that Ive tried so far, not quite as good an image as the Canons but still not bad. Fantastic value for money, great build quality, and about as many features as the 10D

Now the decider, my needs and wants I am moving from a Minolta Dynax 7000 and Casio QV3000, so no lens bagage yet. I want to learn the ropes of photography and experiment. My interests are portraits and action shots of the family, and low light wide angle photos in dirty environments. So It seems the 10D is for me, but the price hurts. D70 is an absolute WOW to hold and use but it is let down by the lack of a really good higher end camera to upgrade to later eg 10D go to a 1D or 1Ds D70 got to a ...... hmmm.
DRebel now get lots more lenses and upgrade body later sounds good to me, but the build and lack of features may annoy me before I can afford an upgrade.

Also in the Canon favour is the range of lenses there seems to be a lens in all price brackets to suit whereas the nikon has fewer choices of price...if you see what i mean

So there is my dilemer, I am easily swayed in each direction but am closing in one soon!!!!! well i think I am. Any comments advice or similar outpooring of frustration welcome. AAAAAAHHHHHHH
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I think that either the DRebel or the D70 will do what you want. I have not looked at picture from the D70, so I can't comment on it's quality.

Nikon has some very good lenses. If you are willing to swap quality for money, then you could consider the Sigma lenses for Nikon bodies. They make some middle of the road and higher end lenses for the Nikon lens mount.

If you want to consider an upgrade camera body, don't rule out Nikon. First, they will release a D2x. I don't know when, but I'd expect by the end of the year. They are starting to look bad and I doubt they'll let that continue for too long. Don't forget the Fuji S2 and the upcoming Fuji S3. I know someone with the S2 and they love it. The S3 is sounding really amazing and unique with it's much wider dynamic range. Something to seriously consider as an upgrade path. Personally, if you get either the DRebel or the D70 you won't be upgrading for awhile... a year or more. That is enough time for another model to come out from both Canon and Nikon (and the S3) so upgrading shouldn't be a problem.

The D70 has one huge advantage (for what I do) over the 10D, DRebel. The 1/500 flash sync speed. That will yield much more flexable flash photography and some very nice shots. I wish I had that in the 10D.

You should not rule out feel. A camera that fits well in your hand is a very good thing.

Personally, I got the 10D because the price was ok and the Canon long telephoto lenses are cheaper and have IS. But that is me. Look at what you want to do, and the lenses that it will take and price them out. Read the reviews and see how good they are. You are buying into a system. The camera body will eventually be upgraded, but the lenses will last you 10, 20, 30 years. That is where investing carefully really, really matters.

I've heard very good things about Nikon's new flash technology (i-ttl?) That is is much better than d-ttl. But make sure you get a compatable flash if you consider going that route. Some of the flashes can't work with it.

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Old Mar 29, 2004, 4:13 AM   #3
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The Nikon D70 seems like a great camera, but now that the sample images from it are coming in, I'm not happy with what I am seeing. There's a lot of talk on the DPreview forums about the moire distortion, and to a lesser extent, the noise, that this camera produces. They call anyone who says anything negative about the D70 a "Canon troll" (it's really quite funny :lol. Anyway, this forum is much friendlier, so I'm not afraid to post here.

The noise level in the D70 is enough to turn me away from the camera. I already have a Canon lens, so when I move up to a DSLR, it makes sense for me to go with a Canon. If there was a Nikon that was significantly better, I'd consider moving to Nikon. I do like the features of the D70 better than the Rebel, but with the image quality it seems to produce, I don't think those features justify abandoning the Canon system. Steve's D70 samples are sharp and have beautiful colors, but the blue sky is full of noise. It's not terrible, but it's there. I can only imagine what would happen with a picture that required significant adjustment of the levels (which brings out noise). I filtered some of Steve's samples in NeatImage, and they cleaned up nicely. But, I don't want to move up to a dSLR and still have to run all my photos through noise filtration.
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thank you for your comments it really helps to have other perspectives on the problem. I have now tried all three of my options ie Canon DRebel, 10D, and the Nikon D70. The problem is i like them all! the D70 is FAST but the Canons arent slow enough to be a problem. If I close my eyes the Drebel is every bit as ergonomic as the D70, although the D70 has a rubbery feel which is nice until you clean it with the wrong solution and it becomes sticky as with my Minolta!

I was very pleased to see you recommend the S2 and S3 as I had looked at the S2 and thought it to be very good.

From the photos I have taken with the three cameras I can say that to my eye the Canon is the better but only just. Canon seem to have the higher ISO shots sorted. The Nikon was generally darker and on one shot produced a distinct blue cast, but really you would have to be over critical to write it off on image quality.

So here I am left with the deciding factors of Cost, Budget (~$2000) and which lens/flash system I prefer. It really doesnt get any easier does it?

i will let you know as my thoughts develop!
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When I bought my 300D details about the Nikon D70 were just being leaked. I wanted to be swayed to the Nikon camp because I have heard so much about their legendary lenses. I even posted on the Nikon Forum pretty much asking them to convince me to go with Nikon.

I am very happy and totally satisfied that I went with the 300D. For the price of the D70 you get a camera and lens, which isn't bad by the way.

I like the feature set of the D70 and when it was released I went through a day of or two of, "why didn't I wait, what did I do?" Well now I am back at the totally happy mode with my 300D.

I can't even use it to it's fullest potential and like Eric said when I am ready to upgrade there will be new choices.

If all three feel good in your hand, I say go for the value of the 300D, especially because of your comment:

Originally Posted by biggles
I want to learn the ropes of photography and experiment.
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Old Mar 30, 2004, 12:20 AM   #6
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Spend your money on good lenses, you'll keep those a lot longer than the camera body. After all DSLRs are now in the digital domain, where innovation runs as fast as it can (and that is fast). In a few years the 300D or D70 will be obsolete, and replaced by a much better model with less noise, more resolution, more image buffers, better TTL, etc etc etc. However, your lenses will still keep their value and will still be usable on the new camera body.

Therefore, decide first what lens family you like better, Canon or Nikon.

Now, if you absolutely need the features of the 10D, for example, then its a different story. If you can do without, go for the 300D or D70.

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