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Since its announcement, I've had my eyes on the XSi - so much in fact that I have totally missed the 1000D announcement until today. I'm moving up from a P&S (Canon Powershot SD1000) to an entry level DSLR and was wondering which one would be better suited for me. I don't intend on taking pictures of sporting events, but would like to focus more on scenery, plantlife, statues, toys and the like. Oh and the occasional social gathering with friends and family as well.

With that said, should I go with the XSi or wait for the XS? I figure since I've been waiting this long, another couple months wouldn't hurt. Right now, the cheapest price for the XSi (with lens) I can find is around $760 (USD). I'm guessing, when it's on sale, the XS (with lens) could probably be found for around $600. Right now photography is just a hobby for me and I likely will not use it for anything too professional.

I can't help but wonder though, that as I become more accustomed to what DSLR cameras are capable of and become more appreciative of their features, do you guys think I'd regret choosing an XS over an XSi? On the other hand, I'd hate to spend extra money on features that I'll likely never use. Features like the 9 pt AF vs 7 pt AF, 14 bit vs 12 bit, and spot metering vs no spot metering, seem like they may make a difference later on down the road. Features like the wireless remote support, rubberized grips, 10.1 vs 12.2 MP, and LCD screen size are a little superficial to me and I don't care much for them.

Thanks in advance!
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Then why limit yourself to just the Canon brands?
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Because Canon is the best - obviously!

What else are you gonna get? I mean really!
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The XSI was just rated #1 in its' class of DSLR's according to Popular Photography magazine. Personally, the little extra cost of the XSI,with all the extra features, over the XS is well worth the moneyand will give you a camera you can grow into.
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Because Canon is the best - obviously!

What else are you gonna get? I mean really!

And this makes me to wonder why more than 75% of the DSLR in India are D40s and D70s and D300's from Nikon.

And its not just me but most of us have started noticing more Sony DSLR's (the alpha series is just a great hit)

IMHO the Nikon and Sony DSLR's are selling more in certain regions compared to USA. May be in USA there are more canon bodies sold in the entry level. But around the world except the pros, the ametures are selecting the Nikos and Sonys

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I am a big time canon invested hobbyist. If i were to buy a entry level DSLR i would definitely choose between SOny, Nikon and ofcourse canon.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I am politely refuting your statement that one can definitely get anything between Sony, Nikon or Canon.

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Sony can't be that big of a hit around the world. Canon had 42% of the DSLR market share last year with Nikon having 40%. That leaves the last 18% broken up between Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji, and Panasonic. Price matters and that's why Nikon has gained the market share. Canon seen this so they're coming out with the XS to curb the Nikon gain. The Sony is nice in features, but it's slower speed and poor high ISO ability make it little of a match to the top two players. When talking about photos in good light then Sony holds it's own. Many move from point and shoot to get the ability to shoot in high ISOs and that would make the difference for me if I was buying now. Only being able to shoot in ISO 400 or lower is just not worth it for "me". Maybe for you it is different.

To the OP, the use of spot metering, 12 vs 14 bit colors, and how many points of focus really are used very little. Most advanced DSLR users use mostly center point only AF, except maybe in sports. It's almost impossible to see the difference between the 12 and 14 bit on a normal print size. Spot metering is used very little, but it's nice to have in those very rare occasions. The bigger and better LCD is a very nice adding.
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