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I started a new one cause this is a bit different. I already have a Rebel XTi, I bought it about 6 months ago. I like the camera, it's nice and small and light. However, I take a lot of pictures of dog agility. Probably 99% of the time the agility trials take place in a dark horse barn.
I have a Canon 85mm f1.8 USM lens that works quite well in low light situations.

What I'm wondering is, are the low light capabilities of the 40D so significantly better than the XTi as to make it worth it for me to buy the 40D?
The Xti, once I got the fast prime lens, does quite well in low light. I'm just wondering how worth it would be to get a 40D.

I bought the Xti in part because it's so nice and compact, the 40D seemed to be too large, however after I have become immersed in the DSLR world, I see how the 40D isn't really all that large.

What say you?

Joe Fisher
Teacher, K-8
Marion, MT
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oh well, the decison was sort of made for me. I was taking some shoes back to Costco, I looked in the camera dept. Lo and behold, they had a really nice 40D kit.
-Camera body
-18-55 IS lens (I"ll put it on the Xti to sell it)
-1G compact flash card (on Rebel to sell. I already have a 4G and an 8G)
-430 EX speedlite
-Nice large Canon gadget bag
-extra battery
-Lens book

I got the kit for about $1400
They just got the 40D in yesterday. It was meant to be...:-)

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